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5 Value Delivery Methods For an eCommerce Store

According to experts, value delivery method is considered to be the engine of the car called business model. This is the part where you find your edge over your competitors and establish a unique selling proposition in the marketplace. Will you be able to compete and create an ecommerce business worth being proud of, in your current state? We have listed below a few popular approaches taken by industry-leaders and market disruptors. The five value delivery methods for an ecommerce store are as follows:

1. D2C – Direct to Customer

Many new generation consumer brands have built loyal followings with rapid growth, by cutting out the middlemen. Many online retailers have set a standard for vertical disruption, but some new brands are showing us how D2C can continue to be an area for innovation and growth. When the goods are sold directly to the customer, a sense of attachment is built with the brand.

2. White Label and Private Label

Using a “white label” means applying your name and brand to a specific product purchased from a distributor or wholesaler. While using private labels, a retailer creates a unique product for them to sell exclusively either by themselves or by hiring a manufacturer. With the help of both white labelling and private labelling, you can save on your investments in design and production and look for a cutting edge in technology and marketing.

3. Wholesaling

In a wholesaling approach, the retailer offers products in bulk at a discounted price. The concept of wholesaling was traditionally B2B, but nowadays, many retailers offer it to budget-conscious customers in a B2C mode.

4. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is one of the fastest growing and most efficient methods of ecommerce. The typical drop shippers sell items fulfilled by a third-party supplier. Drop shippers usually act as a middle man by connecting buyers to manufacturers. Easy-to-use tools allows users to integrate inventory from suppliers around the world for their storefronts.

5. Subscription Service

Even back in the early 1600s, publishing companies in England used a subscription model to deliver books to their regular customers monthly. With the help of ecommerce, businesses are going beyond just periodicals and groceries. In this technologically advanced era, each and every industry out there is offering subscription services to bring convenience and savings to its customers.

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