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eCommerce Webstore Solution to Increased Sales

While you might be investing in quite a lot of effort in your eCommerce webstore in form up choosing the best product images and descriptions, listing down categories and offering convenient payment and checkout options. There is still a chance for your eCommerce business to not make as many sales as it should be. Part of the reason behind this dilemma is for your store to not be geared enough. Due to this your competitors may get ahead of you before you know.

Building an eCommerce webstore for your business does not mean that customers will automatically flock to it. Considering the rise taking place in eCommerce businesses, there is a tough competition between recent startups and requires for them to put in more effort than they would otherwise. It is difficult to attract traffic to your website without implementing strategies that help in keeping your business ahead of the game while bringing in revenue.

Let us walk you through some of the aspects of your eCommerce webstore that you need to focus on.

eCommerce Store Website Builder

Setting up an eCommerce webstore is indeed the first step taken towards reaching your business goals. However, choosing the right website builder or eCommerce solution is more important than the webstore itself. Not every eCommerce solution you come across offers the same job. While some may be great for an individual feature, others may work entirely differently and offer to manage the overall operations of your business.

Developing a website on an eCommerce solution that allows you to benefit from the latest technology advents using powerful features is what you need. An example of such a solution is Magento eCommerce. With a customer base of approximately 250,000 business, Magento is considered as a huge development in the world of eCommerce and helps independent developers in creating programs and solutions for any size of business they may have.

On the other hand, if you choose a solution that is developed by a company handling a small proportion of customer base. The chances for them to offer you the latest developments and innovation are fairly low. Even a company like eBay who owns Magento cannot keep up with the new developments in the industry without the team of independent developers scattered all around the world.

Selected Traffic for eCommerce Webstore

One of the easiest ways to attract new business is getting more visitors to your webstore. Increasing traffic to your website can be the most cost-effective way to increase your sales, which means you need a solid strategy for growing your online audience. Bringing traffic to your website require a lot of base work before you even register a site for your Webstore.

A few questions to be kept in mind when considering how to increase traffic on your webstore are:

Ø Have you developed Persona of your customer?

Ø Have you done the SEO?

Ø Are you using all the various tools and software available that help you rank your site higher than others?

Ø Are you taking the advantage of social media?

All these are big questions with a big knowledge behind them. Your competition, most probably, is using the latest technologies and tools available in the market today. They may also be using an eCommerce software that is capable to quickly adapt itself to the new technologies as they are introduced in the market allowing them to outperform your eCommerce website.

How Can We Help?

x2x eCommerce offers a concept that is unique in terms of integrated eCommerce. We add a new module to Dynamics GP. This module helps in creating new features in Dynamics GPrequired by the eCommerce program. These features do not exist on generally on any ERP system and allow you to manage your eCommerce more efficiently. Some examples of these features include Product Catalog, SEO integration, web related information for the products, customer price level and much more.

Are you interested in finding out more about how you can increase your eCommerce webstore’s sales? Contact x2x eCommerce today at 888-929-3266 and get a 1-HOUR FREE demo with our experts today.


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