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Pros – Using eCommerce Suite for your Retail Business!

Why Retailers are using eCommerce Suite for their Retail Business!

Money is not all to achieve everything! Only money cannot fetch you more money and it has only the path you choose brings you more returns. This is why many retailers are using eCommerce Suite for Retail Business!

Likewise, there are a lot of open source platforms and cheaper solutions available in the market where the above statement proves to be true. Don’t believe us? Check out the Forbes report here!

x2x eCommerce is one of the popular e-commerce software integrators that powers hundreds of webstores today across the world. What helps us to work even more with different webstores is the availability of top-notch eCommerce solutions making it easy to start immediately.

Consequently, The Forrester Research (e-retail forecast) shows that US e-retail businesses will see a growth of 57% in 2018. These facts are enough to prove why webstores are getting popular today. Not just start-ups are getting into the e-commerce business. Various retail and wholesale businesses are moving into e-retail/webstore platform to boost their brand visibility and sales.

So, what are the advantages of using e-commerce software for your online retail business? Check it out:

#1. No more Shipping Hassles

All you need to do is choose the right supply area (country-wise) and the facilitator you need to integrate from various payment management suites. Today, you will be able to manage logistics information, set discounts and tax rules straight from your e-commerce solution using integrated platforms such as x2x eCommerce!

#2. Quick Selling Cycle

You will enjoy maximum returns with lesser investment and efforts. x2x eCommerce justifies this part by integrating it with top-notch webstores (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce) and ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Retail Management Hero etc. Several features can be integrated with the help of a mouse click which can easily manage your back office activities in no time. You can focus more on the store front activities instead of admin functions.

#3. Easy site configuration and setup

Top class webstore solution provides support in creating/configuring your webstore right from site designs to payment integration capabilities. E-commerce solution provides can even setup a webstore in hours with their predefined templates (page designs, inventory and categories, payment gateway etc.)

#4. Reliable Customer Service

No webstore can survive without fulfilling the needs of a customer. Customer satisfaction is the key for any business today. The more easier the shopping experience, the better. Integrating customer service solutions like Jira and Zendesk with your webstore will ensure flawless customer service experience. A central repository (CRM) along with your webstore can help in managing new client accounts, order modifications and even retain existing clients.

#5. Payment Integration

Once your webstore is fully equipped with site designs, inventory and security features, the next step is to integrate your payment solution. There are various payment partners available today which can be installed without any hassle. All you need to ensure is that all major debit/credit cards, online banking, e-wallets are available with your payment integration suite.

#6. Support

You do not have to worry about the support services provided by the top-notch e-commerce solution providers. They will always be there at your service by providing documentation help, technical support via phone or chat, video tutorials, one-to-one sessions, webinars or even via community forums. What is the best part? These are all free!

#7. Shopping and Marketing Features

Most of the webstores these days come with in-built SEO features. It helps your webstore to rank higher in search engine results. This will help you in acquiring new customer with less effort. The webstore analytics will help you check out the real-time data and make better decisions.

With x2x eCommerce, you can now easily modify pricing and inventory in no time. Make sure of vouchers and coupon options to encourage your customers to boost your brand without any additional costs. Customer loyalty programs will also encourage more users to visit your webstore too.


E-commerce solutions come with plenty of options that will make lives easier for you to manage your webstore. That is not all! You also need to work on your customer engagement models, deliverables and other USPs, which your customers expect from an online store.

It’s easy to just setup a webstore buy purchasing a domain and integrating an e-commerce platform. However, in order to survive, you need to follow marketing strategies and a chain of related activities in a long run.

That’s why we have created a wonderful tool called x2x eCommerce that lies between your webstore and ERP solution to better manage your financials and inventory. Why hire hundreds of personnel to manage when you have an automated tool to handle?

Get in touch with our experts today for a quick demo!

x2x eCommerce is one of the popular e-commerce software integrators that powers hundreds of webstores today across the world. What helps us to work with different webstores is the availability of top-notch ecommerce solutions making it easy to start immediately.



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