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Mobile eCommerce technology contributes more than 25% of Total Sales – 2017

Yes! You heard it right! Most of our customers has stated that they have been receiving 3/4th of the site traffic from mobile devices. All you see these days is with people fiddling with their phones. The trend keeps increasing year by year at least by 5%.

You can’t just keep a site alive with Magento or similar applications. There’s much more you need to do to make it alive.

So, my next question is: How do we get mobile conversions to the top?

There are couple of areas you can focus on:

  1. Converting website to stay on a single page – Dynamic navigations that takes to the home page, product page and of course, landing page. Please note that this technique may not work for certain brands.

  2. Implementing digital wallets which supports, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay etc. right from the mobile devices.

  3. Exploiting Facebook and Instagram Ads for driving mobile traffic and attractive campaigns to drive sales.

Isn’t it great? Experience the best by following the above 3 areas wisely; your income should flow in easily.

So, what different brands can witness the mobile eCommerce success as explained above?

The global customer expectations have converted various eCommerce companies to develop mobile applications in order to witness greater results. It’s not the case of Amazon or eBay, but a number of brands are seeing lot of mobile traffic increasing for years.

  1. In 2012, mobile commerce totaled to over 10% but in 2016, there was an increase by 21%.

  2. Mobile conversion has increased by 30% year after year from 2015 to 2016.

  3. The average conversion rate from eCommerce is 4.31% from Desktops or Laptops etc. There is a 1.5% conversion rate for mobile devices and is expected to rise in the coming years.

If your website has a one-page checkout feature along with popular digital wallets, it is going to improve another 10% on your mobile conversions.

What are the shifts in Mobile eCommerce?

  1. Trustworthiness – No more fear! Customers feel comfortable on mobile ecommerce shopping.

  2. Easy to navigate – Unlike the standard websites, pages have been optimized for mobile purposes. This generates a revenue impact for retail industry.

  3. If we are to see the mobile eCommerce growth with respect to countries:

  4. Canada – 19%

  5. USA – 24%

  6. Australasia – 33%

  7. Asia – 42%

  8. Europe – 18%

  9. Others – 30%

  10. In the case of mobile users, Apple users spend over 18% than the Android Mobile users.

How digital wallets change the eCommerce business pattern?

The very first question we get from our customers is: Is my website mobile responsive or mobile perfect? Or turn my website to mobile perfect and then create responsive designs for the desktop version. The choice is yours!

Why x2x eCommerce?

x2x eCommerce is an add on module to Dynamics GP which add new features to GP and also to Magento eCommerce to make both of them fully compatible with each other and able to seamlessly integrate with each other. Due to the increasing adoption of mobile, your customers are now capable of viewing and searching the products and placing their order from their smartphone. Hence, it provides device specific media capabilities for audio and video, user friend search and clean user-friendly display of results.

Want to see a quick demo our ready to deploy product, x2x-eCommerce? Get in touch with our experts today at in



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