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Managing Product Catalog using x2x BC-Magento Integration Solution

Ecommerce stores don’t have shelves and aisles for customers to navigate and browse for products physically. Therefore, the onus of presenting your product is on the product catalog. Without a well-structured catalog, your customers can get lost in search of products which often leads them to leave before buying – increasing buying resistance. On the other hand, having an organized catalog helps navigation through products and allows the customers to jump to relevant product & category pages seamlessly. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento Integration solution lets you manage your Magento catalog using Business Central to leverage your Business Central product database by linking it with the Magento store. Let’s see what the solution offers for managing your Magento catalog.

Creating categories

Sorting your products into appropriate categories is crucial for managing your online store. It allows customers to easily find your products and see related products in one place, making the decision-making process easy. Plus, when your products are arranged in a proper hierarchy, it’s easier to analyze and manage them for the operational management team.

The x2x BC & Magento solution allows you to create categories in Business Central and upload them to Magento. With the x2x solution, you can

  1. Create categories and sub categories

  2. Create categories using categories card

  3. Create bulk categories using an Excel sheet

  4. Assign categories to items using the item card

  5. Reset Magento category info

Parent/child relationship

Many items come with different options like color, size, or style. In such a scenario, while the main product is the same, the combination of options makes each product unique – these products are called child items, whereas the main product is its parent item. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento solution lets you define the relationship between parent items with their child items and upload it to Magento.

  1. You can create parent items through cards or in bulk using Excel.

  2. Assign child items to their parent item through item card, parent card, or Excel

  3. Upload Parent/child items in bulk

Uploading items

A catalog is nothing with products in it. The x2xecommerce BC & Magento solution allows you to upload products in the Business Central database to the Magento store with all the relevant information including product info, price, category, and quantity. Also, the solution adds an extra section to the item card containing information and options for the ecommerce store; it’s here where you can select the parent item for a product, if applicable, and enable it as a web item. The items can be uploaded in the following ways from Business Central to Magento:

  1. Using item card

  2. In bulk

  3. Upon being saved (provided show on web option is enabled)

Updating items in bulk

While you can always update product info on Magento from BC using the item card, the solution also provides the facility to modify items in bulk using an Excel sheet. This method takes advantage of many Excel features; for e.g., you can replace specific values for all the products with a new value or search for values to change. The following fields can be modified:

Information reset

The solution features a reset option that allows you to reset the item categories and webstore information pertaining to items. You can utilize this when you want to completely restructure your catalog and erase the Magento data for products so new data and information can be assigned to each product for Magento.


A properly structured catalog is the backbone of a successful webstore. The x2x Business Central & Magento integration solution offers comprehensive features to manage your Magento store catalog easily and efficiently.

The x2x team can help you implement a similar solution if you're looking for a seamless solution. Plus, the x2x offers other similar solutions as well like the x2x BC-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.


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