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Flexibility of managing ecommerce entities with x2x BC-Magento integration

Flexibility is not an option but a requirement for business solutions these days. Since there are different businesses, there’re different types of business requirements. Therefore, developers of business solutions must ensure their solution is suited to various business methodologies and feature their solutions with multiple options compatible with different business types. Without a flexible solution, your options become restricted to something that may not be compatible with your business. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration allows users to upload/update various ecommerce entities from Business Central to Magento. Let’s see what options are offered by the solution.

Uploading/updating using cards

One way to upload items from x2xecommerce Business Central to Magento is by using card options. The card allows different options to manage their respective entities; If the user wants to upload/update a singular ecommerce asset, this is the suggested way. The following ecommerce assets can be managed through cards:

  1. Items

  2. Price

  3. Customers

  4. inventory

  5. Assigning a parent item to a child item either using a child item card or a parent item card

Uploading/updating on creation

The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento solution also offers the facility of uploading assets from BC to Magento as soon as they’re created and saved. This ensures that your Magento product catalog is parallel to Business Central in real-time. This is a helpful feature where you’re required to frequently create & manipulate data and has it updated on your Magento site. Following ecommerce assets can be uploaded/updated as soon as they’re created and saved.

  1. Item

  2. Item Quantity

  3. Prices

  4. Invoice upload

  5. Shipment upload

  6. Customer upload

Bulk creation & upload/update

This is a useful feature if you want to upload/update data for multiple assets at once, and therefore, can save a lot of time for the user. The option utilizes an Excel sheet to modify data, where each row holds records for each entity. Furthermore, this feature allows you to search for specific attribute values on an Excel sheet and change them in a more seamless manner. Following ecommerce assets can be managed through the bulk method:

  1. Items modification

  2. Parent item creation

  3. Assigning child items to parent items

  4. Upload parent & child items

  5. Creating categories

  6. Uploading items quantity

  7. Customer upload

Uploading using scheduler

The scheduler allows you to automatically upload data from Business Central to Magento at regular set time intervals. Since this method allows for updating data unceasingly, you can use this when you want to update data around the clock. Following ecommerce assets can be uploaded and managed through a scheduler:

  1. Shipments

  2. Invoice

  3. Price

  4. Inventory


A solution should facilitate its user with the ability to use it as they like, and the x2xecommerce understands this. That’s why the x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solution enables you to manage your data in multiple ways allowing you to choose the method that suits you best.

If you’re also using Business Central & Magento and looking for an integrated solution between these two or between Business Central and Shopify, then x2x can help you. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.

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