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How to increase customer engagement for your ecommerce store

For any business, customers are all that matter – it wouldn’t be wrong to say they decide your business's fate and how it survives in the business world. Therefore, you must consider how they interact with your business. Many ecommerce stores are concerned about losing customers to webstore with better engagement rates owing to tough competition in the industry – always looking for ways to enhance customer engagement for their site. But how do you ensure that your site is engaging for customers? This article discusses some ways to help you improve the engagement rate of your webstore.

Why customer engagement matters

For any website, especially an ecommerce store, how much time visitors spend on the website plays a significant part in determining its success. Let’s see why customer engagement is crucial to the success of an ecommerce store:

  1. A more engaging website is intuitive & user-friendly and improves customer satisfaction.

  2. Customer engagement helps customers remember your site and return for future purchases, increasing retention rates.

  3. When your webstore is more engaging, customers spend more time on it. Hence, their likelihood of purchasing increases.

How you can increase customer engagement

When it comes to ensuring visitors are interested as long as they remain on your website, there are many ways; some of the ways that you can implement are:

Website Structure & Design

Nothing engages visitors more than an appealing webstore. Therefore, it’s recommended to arrange different elements of your website in an intuitive way, making your webstore easier to comprehend and navigate – provide comprehensive navigation options, categorize your products in a proper hierarchy, ensure text is legible, make sure it’s responsive and could run on every kind of device.

Incorporate engaging tools

One way of increasing engagement on your site is to incorporate tools that provide customers with options to interact further with your webstore in a way that enriches their interests.

  1. Forum: Forum allows the visitors to initiate discussion about your products themselve and share their experiences with each other. Furthermore, it enables visitors to ask questions regarding your products. Consequently, users' confidence in your products improves from the sense of community this platform provides.

  2. Visualization tools: If you’re offering a customizable product, then offering visualization tools can help users see what their customized product would look like as they select different options that define a product.

  3. Interactive activities: Another way you enhance customer engagement is by incorporating fun activities on your webstore, like quizzes & games, and rewarding customers for winning. Additionally, you can ask customers to sign-up in exchange for a discount. These strategies motivate customers to interact more with your ecommerce store and elevate your sales.

Enrich your webstore with content

Consider uploading content related to your products on your webstore – videos, blogs, product manuals, and success stories are a few examples. Content helps customers develop an interest in your products by increasing their knowledge and confidence. Furthermore, it improves the SEO ranking of your website and draws more customers to it – increasing the engagement rate.

Therefore it’s recommended to create & upload content on your webstore since it helps you fill the gap between you and your customers by serving as a means to communicate with them and present your products in a positive limelight.


In an ecommerce world, the absence of a physical buying environment & interaction leaves the onus of engaging and retaining customers on the richness of your ecommerce store. An engaging webstore educates customers about your products and upholds their interest as they navigate, overcoming buying resistance.

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