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Transform your business with these modern eCommerce approaches

Do you ever feel left behind in the ever-progressing world of business? You certainly will if you don’t adapt to the demanding trends and dynamics of the industry. History tells us that it is not uncommon for well-known companies to vanish just because they remain rigid with their innovative approach. With more than ever expectations, business requirements, and methods are changing. Therefore, it is imperative that you must adopt the latest technologies to elevate your business and meet the industry's standards. In fact, with modern solutions implemented, you can get on top of the competition and ensure efficient growth. Let's see how modern technology can enhance your business in some ways.

Adopt integrated solutions:

While it is very common for businesses to have disparate solutions, it’s also essential that they’re compatible with each other. Here come the integrated solutions that facilitates communication between different softwares. With integration you can:

  1. Save time & resources: Automate various tasks such as data input. Have your inventory and order status automatically updated on different platforms as your order is fulfilled. This saves you time & resources since otherwise you would be updating data manually on each platform.

  2. Reduce errors: With automated data syncing you’ll prevent any errors that would otherwise result from manual data entry.

  3. Elevate customer experience: With integrated solutions, your customer satisfaction will improve through reduce order fulfillment time, automated order status updates, and faster response to customer queries made possible by instant access to updated information.

  4. Save cost: With a lot of tasks automated, you’ll save money by spending less on resources required for manual data entry.

How can we help?

Specialized in providing integrated solutions between ERP,s eCommerce platforms, and POS terminals x2xecommerce has vast experience of providing integrated solutions to businesses. Moreover, our team of expert can design a customized solution for you that suit your needs.

Make an online presence:

According to an estimate, there are more than 2 billion people who shop online, and this size is growing at a great rate every passing year. In light of this, businesses must leverage this market by making an online presence. With an eCommerce store:

  1. You can capture more customers: that prefer online shopping, and increase your revenue.

  2. Sell to people anywhere: and not just to those who can visit your physical store. This way, you can increase your market size by making your services and products available to more people, hence improving revenue.

  3. Enrich your customers with information: With a website, your customers can inform themselves of the specifications & features of your products, availability, store timing, locations, and much more. Furthermore, you can answer to their queries with FAQs or live chat options. Consequently, the credibility of your business and customer satisfaction will improve.

How we can help?

We offer online website development on leading eCommerce platforms; be it Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. You can reach out to us to have a customized site developed for you on your preferred platform.

Mobile order entry solution:

With this solution, you can increase the potential of your sales team by equipping them with the capability to enter orders with mobility. With this functionality in hand, your management will ensure that stock information is updated instantly as any of your salespersons make a sale irrespective of their location. Also, using the same technology you can empower your customers to scan the products themselves as they enter them into their cart; making the checkout process smoother.

How can we help?

We bring you the Pick N Scan app that allows you to enter orders directly into your RMH POS using an android device. Designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, the app provides you with various options so that you may use it as per your requirements.


The rapidly changing technology has significantly changed the way we do things. Business is no different; hence it should change too by incorporating newer technologies. If you don’t then your competitors will move ahead. As an expert in providing integration solutions, x2xecommerce can help you in this domain. You can always reach out to us with your questions and queries.



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