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Tools that empower ecommerce stores

Do you know there are more than 24 million webstores globally? And the worldwide ecommerce market is estimated to be over $3.5 trillion dollars. While this signifies the growing importance of this industry, it also sheds light on its competitive landscape. Therefore, such an environment consistently demands new ways of elevating your business to ensure you stand out from others. The capabilities of a webstore are a crucial factor determining its success. These can be enhanced by incorporating ecommerce tools providing a more seamless experience to customers and business owners. Without these tools, your webstore will lag behind in the competition. Let’s look at some of the modern ecommerce tools.

Personalized product recommendations:

Did you know that product recommendations account for about one-third of ecommerce revenue? While product recommendations are still good, based on the latest & trending products, personalized recommendations go one step further. With personalized recommendations, you can suggest products to customers based on their previous purchases, searches, and other online behaviors. Since these recommendations are based on customers’ interests, these recommended products draw more attention from customers. Hence, improving the customers’ experience and increasing revenue.

Abandoned cart emails:

The majority of people online that add products to carts don’t checkout. What does this mean? This happens when customers are interested in products yet still hesitate to checkout. Perhaps the price is expensive for them, maybe they don’t agree with the return policy, or they simply don’t feel like shopping at that moment. Whatsoever the reason, you can reach out to those customers through abandoned cart email tools, reviving their interest. This tool automatically sends reminder emails to users with an abandoned cart. You can even lure them back to recapture sales through incentives such as providing discounts or free shipping. Studies show that almost 45% of people open abandoned cart emails. Therefore, with this tool, you can regain your lost sales and improve your revenue.


While it is imperative to answer customers' queries quickly for a good customer experience, it requires human resources. Here chatbots are helpful; they can automatically answer basic questions for your customers, such as providing information on order status and return policies. Hence, using chatbots for your online store saves you human resource efforts and ensures a seamless experience for customers.

Comparison tool:

Customers often face analysis paralysis, a common terminology used to describe a scenario where people can’t decide or spend time overthinking due to fear of making a wrong decision. This is usually the case when customers are confronted with similar products; of course, they are spending money and want the best product that suits their needs. Comparison tools are beneficial in such situations helping users with side-by-side comparisons of products' features and specifications and reach a conclusion. Along with enhancing customers’ experience, this tool helps reduce the cart abandonment rate, ultimately increasing store revenue.


Nowadays ecommerce stores are increasingly relying on repeat customers. But how do you encourage customers to revisit your webstore? It is not uncommon for online shoppers to come across interesting products while browsing only to forget about them when they revisit the site again a few days later. The Wishlist tool allows the user to add any product they find interesting to a list they can open later to consider purchasing them. This simple tool not just provides a good customer experience, but also increases sales by retaining customers.

Duplicate orders:

With this facility, your customer can duplicate a new order based on a previous order. Instead of adding each item to the cart again, this saves time for customers and improves their experience.


The above-mentioned tools are just some of the many online shopping tools available. Such tools have drastically improved the eCommerce experience for both customers and online sellers. Therefore, it is imperative to remain cognizant of such useful tools so you can leverage them to elevate your online business.

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