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Effective product display practices for webstore homepage

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The eCommerce world differs significantly from the traditional retail business in many aspects and therefore demands a different approach to how its dynamics of operations are managed. Since everything is present in digital format for an eCommerce store, the arrangement of elements and how you structure your webstore appearance play an important part in the merchandising aspect of your business as well. Those who understand the importance of merchandising are therefore expected to seek ways to implement merchandising practices on their webstore. Thus, it’s an important part of managing an eCommerce store to keep oneself abreast of the various ways in which you can merchandise your business, gain more customers, and keep yourself alive in the competitive world of eCommerce. 

The layout of your eCommerce store, especially its homepage holds great importance in this regard since for the majority of the customers this is the first page they visit. This provides eCommerce stores the opportunity to display their products and offerings to generate interest in their site audience and help them discover their products. This article will discuss some of the popular ways of structuring their home and other important pages to align with their merchandising needs.

Deals and promos on the homepage

You might have noticed that whenever you land on the homepage of any eCommerce site you almost always see different deals and promos the webstore is offering to its customers. The purpose of offering deals and promos is to establish a unique offering that stands you out from others in the market. That’s why placing them on the top of your homepage is the choice of many webstores who want to create their marks in the market and attract customers – they don’t want it to go unnoticed by anyone. These deals are often on products that are high in demand and facing competition. Some of the benefits of placing deals and promos on your homepage include:

Increased conversion rate:

Many people won’t avail an offer if they don’t know about it in the first place. Displaying your offers on the homepage helps increase your conversion rate by making more people easily discover your offerings and consider them. And, consequently, avail them if they find it suitable for them

Boost sales:

Putting your offers on the homepage doesn’t only increase the conversation rate but also helps bring more customers to your store as more people discover your offering and inform their friends & family about your deals who then are likely to visit and buy from you as well.

Enhance SEO:

Incorporating deals and promos on your site can also provide you the opportunity to enhance the SEO ranking of your webstore and help bring more potential visitors to your webstore. If you carefully follow the good SEO guidelines and incorporate those in your deal offering then you can achieve this. With improved SEO, your webstore is likely to appear higher in the search engine and it’ll also increase the credibility of your business.

Most selling and trending products on the homepage

Human nature plays a large part in driving the buying behavior of customers. One part of human nature that largely plays its part in the shopping experience is the seeking of social validity. Many people are hesitant to try products that they don’t find have any social validity even if they like them in the first place. And many come to have their interest established in products that others are buying. This means showing the most selling and trending products on your homepage can greatly enhance your opportunity to generate more sales. Some other benefits of this include

Help with retaining customers:

One aim of any eCommerce site is to ensure that visitors to their site spend more time. Featuring interesting products will encourage such behavior. The more time a visitor spends the greater the chances they’ll convert.

Enhance your credibility:

How you present your webstore holds great significance and for a homepage, this holds even more value because this is mostly the first place where your store visitor lands when they visit your webstore. When you show the most selling and trending products on your homepage it helps you establish credibility as someone selling products people are interested in. This helps you create a good first impression and helps win the confidence of customers in you, eventually increasing your sales.

Primary products on the homepage

Being one of the most visited pages of your eCommerce site homepage also offers a great chance to showcase the primary products that you want to sell or prioritize. These can be the products that your company specializes in or the products that you want to clear out of inventory. The point is the homepage provides a great opportunity to provide you with a space to demonstrate products to visitors that you want to sell fast.


The business provides a great environment for demonstrating your innovative skills and capabilities of managing resources and productivity. In this sense, your webstore homepage is also a tool that you must optimize for its maximum impact on the success of your eCommerce operations. Successful businesses realize the importance of presenting their products effectively and there can be no better place for this than your homepage which witnesses the most visitors on your site. Thus, the need to understand ways you can achieve this and help your business achieve more success is paramount and each business must constantly seek new and innovative ways they can do it to remain atop of the competition.

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