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Types of Integration Solutions by x2x-eCommerce

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We live in a connected world where our experiences make sense when they present a coherent form, otherwise, they appear ambiguous and difficult to make sense of. But the foundation of experiences is built upon the data inputted into our minds to process and how it makes sense of it by processing it. This is not just limited to our inherent nature but appears as a general principle; the more connectedness we find between the relevant aspects of life or business, the more efficiently we can operate in that domain. Talking about business, this is a well-recognized phenomenon, especially as they expand their horizon.

As businesses expand and enter into new domains, so does their need to employ multiple solutions to manage them. However, no matter how vast a business entity is, there’s always a need for centralized management to track and manage operations at higher levels. This means a network of connected systems is required to realize a unified management system to enable the central management to access each level and domain of its structure. This can be achieved by implementing integration solutions designed specifically to meet the demand of syncing disparate business solutions. This article will discuss such solutions offered by x2xeCommerce, a company expert in providing integration solutions in various business domains.

ERP-POS Integration Solutions by the x2x-eCommerce

Many businesses that involve retail operations have become complex by stepping into multiple selling channels or their need to properly track, record, and manage various aspects of their business, in an efficient way. For this reason, many employ ERP systems as a central platform to provide them with an overview of their business operations and enhance transparency. If retail operations are your business's primary operation, this means a comprehensive synchronization of your Retail solutions with the ERP is required to align your ERP data with retail operations. Retail and POS solutions regularly generate sales, purchases, and inventory transactions. In such a dynamic business environment the need to feed that data frequently to a centralized platform is essential to support decision-making, finance, and other business-related reports and not having a synchronized business system could result in silos, hindering the management and incurring losses.

Attaining such unification of your business solution is possible with the ERP-POS Integration solutions that can automatically provide data synchronization between the two disparate solutions and ensure consistency for your business. The x2xeCommerce offers integration solutions between Retail Management Hero, a POS, and retail management solution, with the following ERP.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

  3. Netsuite

By having your RMH integrated with your ERP with the x2xeCommerce you can attain a comprehensive synchronization of your retail operations and release yourself of any worry about manually copying the relevant data and details from one solution to the other, saving you a great deal of time & resources and enhancing the accuracy of your operation by preventing errors.

ERP-Ecommerce integration solutions by x2x-eCommerce

Ecommerce is getting increasingly popular with each passing day; with quick shipping, swift and convenient payment methods, and increased access to the internet everywhere shopping online was never easier. This changing dynamics means that retail businesses are entering into the online domain besides operating their physical store to align themselves with modern customers' needs and maintain their position in the competitive market. However, establishing a hybrid retail model as you might suspect brings its own challenges of managing your business across different platforms. In such multi-channel business ERP can serve as a central platform responsible for reconciling the data from different platforms and presenting it efficiently to enable management operations and decision-making processes. 

Realizing this need of the industry, x2xeCommerce offers its users integration between various ERPs and eCommerce platforms:

  1. Dynamics 365 BC - Magento Integration 

  2. Dynamics 365 BC - Shopify Integration 

  3. Dynamics GP - Magento Integration 

  4. Dynamics GP - Shopify Integration

Integrating your ERPs with your eCommerce platforms using the x2xeCommerce solution will help you sync your webstore customers, inventory, and transaction data on your webstore with your ERP automatically helping you consolidate your eCommerce operation with your sales operation on other channels and help you establish a unified business management system.

RMH-Ecommerce integration solutions by the x2x-eCommerce

If you’re simply running a hybrid retail business where a webstore and POS are sufficient to manage your eCommerce and retail operations, respectively, then the x2xeCommerce offers a series of suitable integration solutions to meet the needs of such retail businesses running RMH as their retail solution. RMH-Ecommerce integration solution allows the user to upload items information and inventory from the RMH and download the order, process them in RMH, and upload their fulfillment back to the webstore. With such two-way synchronization of your RMH and webstore platform, you can ensure that any online transaction is recorded in RMH and the inventory remains updated on both platforms despite the channel where sales take place. The x2xeCommerce offers the following RMH-eCommerce solutions.

  1. RMH-Shopify integration solution 

  2. RMH-Woocomerce integration solution 

  3. RMH-Magento integration solution


The increasing complexity of running a business these days calls for the utilization of multiple solutions to manage your operations. However, you can only then truly avail the full benefits of these solutions if they together combine seamlessly to constitute a single unified business system, rather than operating in silos. Thus, there is a crucial need for integration solutions. The x2xeCommerce holds a history of providing great business solutions in different sectors, and now also specializes in integration solutions in the domain of ERP, POS, and eCommerce can help you with such needs.

The x2x solutions are not only comprehensive but with a team of expert developers, they are also customizable to meet your specific needs. So if you’re looking to implement any of these solutions and achieve a synchronized network of your solutions then x2xeCommerce can help you achieve your goals. Reach out to the x2xeCommerce team for any query or a free demo. The team would be more than happy to understand your requirements and help you accordingly.



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