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eCommerce Marketing – 5 ways to Optimize Product Pages


Product Catalog is the heart of any eCommerce webstore. It is equivalent to a showroom in a brick and mortar store. Companies put a huge amount of effort when it comes to their showroom. Then why not to pay the same attention to your online showroom, the product catalog.

Here are five ways to optimize your product catalog:

  1. 80/20 Rule:

Do you remember Pareto’s famous 80/20 rule? The rule is 80% revenue is earned by 20% of products. Adding a lot of products just for sake of adding them take the attention off the main products. Also, your SEO team must work harder to get the site ranking. Is it not a good idea to keep them focused on the products that make money for you?

  1. Ease of Navigation

Customer do not spend time trying to find the product they are looking for. They need to able to find the products very conveniently. Providing a product search is a good feature, however, the customer not always know how to search for the product they look for.

Therefore, the importance of properly laid down Product Catalog cannot be undermined. The product should appear on every relevant page, offering alternate products and suggesting products all help site visitors to easily navigate through the product pages.

  1. Product Descriptions:

In a study, it was found that people pay more attention to text for standard items like TV compared to the images when making a buying decision. The reason is that they have a fair idea of how the TV or fridge or deep freezer will look when placed in their living room or kitchen. The main objective is to establish what are the usage benefits of one product over the other.

  1. Product images/videos

A good quality image can do magic when it comes to personal or household items. Again, remember that with lack of ability to touch and feel the product being offered by your eCommerce site, the pictures try to give the feeling of how they will look and feel when you wear them. This is also why you will put multiple images of the same product from the same product and the ability to zoom in and out to give a better buying experience to your customer.

  1. Product Comparisons

When buying standard products, the customer is more keen to see the features and benefit of the product as long the look of the product is not considered ‘ugly’ in their eyes. Therefore, many sites provide a product comparison feature to the visitors on their site. This feature help customer to spend considerably less time to compare the different products on their buying criteria and they are expected to spend more of their dollars on your site than on the site of your competition.

6. Product Offerings

In the brick and mortar store where customer can touch and feel the product that you are offering. In an eCommerce web store, customer uses different set of parameters to make a buying decision. In addition to their trust in your offering, the way you present your products can make or break the viability of your eCommerce store.

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