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eCommerce: Are you strong enough to beat your competition?

Your eCommerce customer has never been to your shop or warehouse before; they do not know you, have never dealt with you, have never done any business with you. Yet you are still asking them to trust you by charging their credit card for their purchases.

Why would they do that? They will never ever make a purchase on your site until they trust you. The question, therefore is, whether your site could earn you the customer’s trust or not?

Here are eight reasons why your customer trust you:

  1. Brand Recognition

There is no doubt that customer trust Amazon, eBay, Alibaba more than an independent business in the ecommerce world. It is same as people trusting Walmart more than a corner store. This phenomenon is called Brand Recognition.

Every business has some level of brand recognition with comparatively a lower segment of customers compare to the big companies. It takes time and effort to establish a brand. It is difficult task but not mission impossible.

  1. Customer References/Testimonials/Reviews

Customer references and testimonial give confidence to the prospective buyers. It gives them the assurance that they are getting the right product and services from the right supplier.

People trust references and reviews more than the sales talk. The more the customers can associate themselves with the person behind the review or reference, the more they are going to trust.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is providing a recommendation from someone having an influence over the buyers. One of the living example of such Influencers is Oprah. It is a known fact that the products start selling by itself when it is recommended by an Influencer.

  1. Company’s Statistics

Companies often publicize statistics to convince their prospects that they are dealing with an established company. Someone who has been around and who is expected to be there in the future.

To demonstrate, let us take the opportunity and share some statistics about the solution that we sell and support:


5. Press Coverage

Trust is immediately built when customer finds that your company or the product get a coverage and recommendation in a press articles. Review in related Press like GQ for fashion sites or Forbes for businesses, give an instant boost to your credibility and hence your sales.

6. Humanize

People feel more comfortable on the sites which interact with them more in humanly rather than robotic manner.

Avoiding technical jargons and speaking in plain and distinct tone invoke customer confidence. It shows that there are real people behind the organization. This make customers feels welcomed and comfortable in dealing with the organization.

7. Establish yourself as an Expert

Demonstrating the depth of knowledge and expertise in specialization is a very strong way to build trust with eCommerce customers.

Providing extensive but usable information like learning sets, eBooks, Self-Assessment forms, to your customer are powerful tools in the trust building efforts.

Blog writing and educational videos are some other methods of building rapport with the customers that you know what you are talking about.

8. Address Customer’s pain Points

Explaining how company’s’ product and services can provide solution to those problems help them relate to the company and its offerings.

An unbiased description of the product and services being offered, how they address to customer’s needs and its’ comparison with the competition earns customer trust on the company and its products.

x2x eCommerce can help

x2x eCommerce provide comprehensive eCommerce solution through its solution and its network of partners having expertise in their own respective fields.

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