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Digital Marketing and its Relation with eCommerce.

Back in the 1900s when Digital Marketing first came into existence, it was a rather unfamiliar concept that was unknown to most. Guglielmo Marconi became the first person to introduce digital marketing via Ad Agency Singapore. However, the key point to take away is the fact that digital marketing was considered as a tool back then and evidently stands today with high importance as one of the core reasons, behind the success of businesses.

What does Digital Marketing mean?

With the competitive marketing strategies being used by businesses to outgrow each other, to gather as many customers as they can by targeting the exact target audience required, in-store marketing or simple advertising that may not reach the required audience has now gone obsolete. Consumers today have become mobile-savvy to the point where they would like to find what they need in just a few clicks, and this is where digital marketing plays its vital role. If you want your product to be found, you need to ensure that you are marketing it in the right place with the right techniques without spending a fortune. Select the type that fits your requirements, and wait for your numbers to go up bursting the charts!

You can opt for;

  1. E-mail Marketing

Allow customers to subscribe to your updates. This method may seem old school but is still one of the most effective ways of marketing. You can nurture your prospects by showing your customers that you value them beyond just pushing your products.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

All about bringing your website on appear on top of the search results. Optimising search engine can help your product be found before others’.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Considering the amount of time customers spend on their phones, especially the younger generations. This method adds a whole new perspective to engagement and interaction, making it easier for you to get an insight of what the customers have to say about your brand/product.

  1. Content Marketing

Blogs, articles and distribution of content that includes information related to your product and organization add value for your audience and ensure legitimacy. Customers require information before getting in business.

  1. Display Advertising

This can include banner advertisements that you can set up online. These are like traditional prints you see in magazines, but the difference here is that these are online.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Similar to what you see when you work on your desktops, but adapting it to mobiles and making use of it for mobile-specific functions; sending text messages, using social messaging apps.

  1. Audio/Video Marketing

Audios and videos have a greater effect than text, creating an emotional connection with the targeted audience is a better way of having them remember you. Record short audios or videos, it is up to you whether you want to make it educational, informational or simply for keeping customer attention held.

Know your type, but don’t know how to start?

Don’t fret, digital marketing is no rocket science. All you need are a few essential skills that we are happy to provide you with or teach you;

  1. Specific Marketing Channel Expertise

The main key to successful marketing is to focus on fewer channel and making complete use of them, which means understanding the dynamics of the respective channel being used and leveraging those dynamics for your specific requirements.

  1. The ability to execute and analyze marketing campaigns

Marketing is not just about displaying what you want to promote, rather it’s about coming up with new ideas to attract customers and requires analytical skills and a strategic mindset.

  1. Good Visual Storytelling Abilities

Digital media is like a copy, as well as, a visual representation medium. Hence, using visuals that pull some emotional strings, and feel relevant seem to attract customers more than usual. The ability to integrate the said elements is a key necessity in today’s marketing landscape.

  1. Understanding of Brevity

Minimal messaging is another key aspect a digital marketeer must learn. While communicating your value proposition to potential customers, keep your product’s description less than 140 characters.

  1. Agility

Social media platforms tend to push their way into relevancy or adjust their algorithms often. If your business does not have the flexibility to cope with the said changes, your business may fall behind and lose its position

  1. Basic Design Skills

Conveying your message is extremely important. However, more than just conveying words, digital marketing is mainly about visual appearance of a brand. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS or Photoshop will be required.

Digital Marketing will not just boost your sales. It will also teach you ways of coping with the advancements and stay up-to-date. Want to learn more? Head over and contact us at and get a 1 Hour FREE consultation session today!.advgblist-ba37e58d-ce55-4aa1-9c53-272fa623030e li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-ba37e58d-ce55-4aa1-9c53-272fa623030e li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}.advgblist-0f073ad3-fbfb-4a8f-9a62-20f2ddadf384 li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-0f073ad3-fbfb-4a8f-9a62-20f2ddadf384 li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}.advgblist-71e87670-429f-488d-b7f1-238b70a1d52c li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-71e87670-429f-488d-b7f1-238b70a1d52c li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}.advgblist-6b18ff7d-03ab-4c1e-beb0-7cf85c85e74c li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-6b18ff7d-03ab-4c1e-beb0-7cf85c85e74c li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}.advgblist-124c74e8-0787-46da-b30c-bbcec5c7a7f9 li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-124c74e8-0787-46da-b30c-bbcec5c7a7f9 li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}.advgblist-231cb2d3-d219-41de-9698-fecce06d31b1 li{font-size:16px;margin-left:18px}.advgblist-231cb2d3-d219-41de-9698-fecce06d31b1 li:before{font-size:16px;color:#ff0000;line-height:18px;margin:2px;padding:2px;margin-left:-20px}

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