APP ALERT! x2x and Netsuite Integration Tool is out!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Good news for Netsuite users! As a result, x2x eCommerce has launched an amazing tool. Therefore, with x2x eCommerce Netsuite and RMH (Retail Management Hero) integration, you will be able to:

  1. Enter cash sales

  2. Create customers

  3. Enter credit sales invoices

  4. Enter invoices with multiple payment options

  5. Add items

  6. Update customer credit limits

  7. Update inventory quantities and much more!

Our team at x2x eCommerce has built a Point of Sale solution with NetSuite for solving chronic issues of application slowdown faced by NetSuite customers while using the solution or compatible POS applications.

It is impossible to think about a slowdown while customers checking out their products online. Therefore, it is a notable issue where web based POS solutions cannot meet the needs of a retail company. Certainly, NetSuite, being an online software, it has issues with the processing speed needed at a retail organization.

Likewise with x2x eCommerce NetSuite and RMH (Retail Management Hero) integration, it allows its customers to follow desktop based Point of Sale application which is closely integrated with NetSuite in the backend. Even more, it ensures higher speed of processing retail transactions and updating NetSuite in parallel (real time activity).

As a result, NetSuite integrations can also be connected with several applications that needs the ability to send/receive data to NetSuite.

In contrast, thanks to x2x eCommerce, these are the integration capabilities with NetSuite:


  1. Download Items

  2. Item quantities

  3. Serialized Inventory quantities with serial numbers

  4. Item prices


  1. Customer Information

  2. Addresses

  3. Credit limits

  4. Available balance


  1. Create Cash Sales

  2. Invoices

  3. Invoice with multiple payments

  4. Customer Payments

  5. Sales Orders

  6. Similarly, bring Customer Deposits against Sales Orders


  1. Departments

  2. Payment Methods

  3. Sales Reps.

  4. Tax Groups

  5. Locations

  6. Shipment Methods/Carriers


Finally, x2x eCommerce or is not limited to the POS integration with NetSuite. We have in-house competence to integrate applications with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Amazon (under development) to name a few.


x2x is more focused on its core competence. However, x2x aims to integrate as many applications with as many eCommerce solutions as possible.


There is a high demand for integration with NetSuite. The customer for whom we developed this solution was in the market for more than a year until we took the project and solved their problem.

The next blog will feature more about Zapier, the logical choice for x2x eCommerce in integrating wider ranges of applications available today!

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