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Why and How? Integration of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central with Shopify

The previous decade has seen a meteoric rise in the scale of the eCommerce industry. Fortunately, the underlying infrastructure for retailers has also advanced to accommodate more sophisticated and extensive goods. Many companies that rely on internet sales or use an all-in-one business strategy may find the complexity an insurmountable obstacle. However, generating sales is crucial to survival, and providing excellent customer service is a great method to back up your sales efforts. However, a such approach often results in more bureaucracy. Doesn't this problem have a solution? Yes! by automating the creation of new clients through integration between your enterprise resource planning system and your eCommerce platform. Solutions like Shopify and Dynamics 365 Business Central, which combine eCommerce and ERP, do all this and more.

  • Methods for Combining Several Online Stores

  • Continually updated stock levels

  • Harmonization with the clientele

  • New client account creation automation

  • Streamlining the sales order process with automation

  • Synchronization of products

Microsoft's recently announced Business Central Shopify Connector facilitates data synchronization between the two platforms, helping businesses improve order processing times and customer satisfaction.

The x2x-eCommerce integrations for Shopify and the Microsoft Business Central Shopify Connector are excellent methods for connecting your eCommerce operations with Dynamics Business Central (an ERP system) and Shopify (an eCommerce platform).

You can integrate Shopify and other eCommerce platforms with ERP processes using x2x eCommerce. The technology at the heart of x2x was developed inside Business Central, allowing for such efficiencies as the instantaneous transmission of order and invoice data to e-commerce platforms and the delivery of accurate stock counts. Shopify and Business Central may share customer information in both directions, thanks to x2x eCommerce. It can synchronize customer data across systems, automatically retrieve sales and credit orders, handle all aspects of the order process, and generate a sales order in response to a web transaction.

How do you determine which option is best for your business?

You may choose any Shopify app, and x2x eCommerce will integrate it. Now that you know the basics of each product, you may ask x2x eCommerce for guidance on how to proceed. With our extensive background in Business Central and Business Central Shopify Connector, we can guarantee that your online store is in step with the rest of your business. Not sure which option will serve you best? We'll discuss your company strategy and provide information to assist you.

Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist your customers in deciding on an eCommerce solution that works best for them. Please visit x2x eCommerce, email us at, or call us at 888 929 3266 to get your FREE DEMO.

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