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X2x presents pick n scan app for rmh

As a business owner, do you often feel bound by limitations? These limitations may come in different forms; operational, financial, or due to lack of hardware capabilities. However, with modern technological solutions, you can break the barrier to move ahead in a way that ensures the efficient growth of your company. Therefore, companies should opt for ways that can further streamline the processes and open more options for them. One area where innovation can be utilized is the checkout process for retail operations.

Checkout is a necessary step to complete the sale. However, the fixed checkout terminals present the team with several limitations. x2x presents the Pick N Scan app as a solution to this, allowing the team to manage sales and checkout processes with mobility.

More about the Pick N Scan app:

Pick N Scan is an android-based app that can run on any android device, mobile phone, tablet, or handheld. You can use the app for remote order entry directly into RMH when connected to the internet or local area network. It uses the API that connects the app with the RMH database to upload the orders to RMH.

Benefits of the Pick n Scan app:

The app empowers the management to not only make their checkout process more efficient but also open the doors for more opportunities. With the Pick n Scan app:

  • Your salesperson can sell items remotely.

  • Reduce lines at checkout terminals by allowing the customers to scan items themselves.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Allow for faster checkout timing.

  • Save cost.

  • Facilitates live inventory updates.

Features of Pick N Scan:

The app comes packed with several features that are not only comprehensive but also flexible in nature so that you may use the app as you require.

Item Scanning:

Use the camera or put the item number to add the items to the order. When required, you can add items by either scanning items multiple times, using the +- buttons, or entering the quantity inside the quantity box.

Availability to offer discounts:

Your salesperson can offer discounts from the app by percentage, by the amount on total, or by the amount on unit price.

Use Guest ID or customer accounts:

Scan n Pick app can be used to either enter order details for walk-in-customer or pre-existing customers in the database by entering their ID. You can also scan the customer code to login as a customer.

Customer balance:

When logged in as a registered customer, any customer balance appears at the top left after logging in.

Direct print option:

If you’re using a handheld with a printer then you can have the handheld print the barcode that the cashier can scan to find the customer's order. If the direct print option isn’t being utilized then the cashier can use the customer note to find the order.

Use case scenarios:

This app empowers the management to carry out sales operations in more than just the traditional way, opening doors to various opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Some ways this app can be utilized

  1. Self-checkout: You can install the handheld in your store allowing customers to scan the items themselves as they put them in their cart and pay at the checkout. This will streamline the checkout process for both the business and customers by saving them time. Also, it will lead to a better customer experience.

  2. Selling with mobility: With the Pick N Scan app, you can provide your salesperson to register sales items on the go. Therefore, no matter where they are they can make a sale and update the database accordingly. For example: if you’re a supplier of grocery items then your salesperson can register sales as they sell items to various clients as per their requirements.

  3. Temporary stalls: Suppose your store sells handicrafts and you want to put up a stall in an exhibition for a week. Instead of moving your cumbersome point-of-sale equipment, you can use this app on a handheld to equip yourself with checkout functionality.


With the advent of new technology, businesses can progress in unprecedented ways that not only streamline their processes but also open more doors to new opportunities. With the x2xecommerce Pick n Scan app, you can ensure that you always remain ahead of your competition by empowering your team to offer a smoother and seamless checkout process to their customers.


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