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Where Ecommerce platforms surpass other online channels

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There are many ways to sell when it comes to eCommerce. From social media platforms to classified ads, eCommerce platforms to online marketplace all are being utilized by the netizens to indulge in eCommerce. While each presents its values both to the buyer and sellers, for their reasons, one channel holds great prevalence globally – the eCommerce platforms. This brings us to one question: What makes these eCommerce platforms so popular and where do they have an edge over other selling channels? Exploring this question demands us to look at many aspects that govern the dynamics of the eCommerce industry and then understand how the characteristics of eCommerce platforms align greatly with those dynamics to give eCommerce platforms an upper hand in some areas over other selling domains over the internet.

Ecommerce platforms allow for unique webstore presentation needs

Each business desires to stand out from the rest and to have its own persona that aligns greatly with its values, offerings, and the types of customers it serves. This need is even more profound in the eCommerce setting propelled by a highly competitive industry. In any business, you have many opportunities and domains where you can differentiate yourself from others to imprint your unique presence in the industry and put forward the value proposition of your business; while this is true, an area that matters most in determining the appearance, persona, and impression of your business is the interface it present to costumes.

The environment or the interface of any business, online or offline, is the first thing that customers interact with when dealing with you. Thus, this crucial aspect must be given its due importance. The more control you have in determining its element according to your needs, the more uniqueness your business can demonstrate in the pool of businesses within your industry. Looking in this respect, the importance of eCommerce platform can then be realized.

Ecommerce platforms enable businesses to establish their webstore from scratch, giving them the flexibility of choosing each of its elements to their needs. This allows the business to develop a webstore that is more aligned with the needs and profile of its targeted audience and win their approval. Furthermore, as mentioned before, it provides businesses greater flexibility in ensuring consistency of theme and customer experience across various selling channels. Since the design and structure of the webstore are not limited by a specific format, businesses also gain more freedom in deciding the position of the content of their webstore and how it’s represented to their audience. Thus, developing an online selling channel utilizing an eCommerce platform can help businesses fulfill their needs of displaying their customers a shopping interface as they want.

Ecommerce platforms are flexible

The utilization of business tools and the potential any environment holds for their utilization can significantly enhance the productivity of your business. Ecommerce platforms can be said to be the manifestation of this stated fact. The beauty of the eCommerce platform is in flexibility to offer various features that cater to vast requirements in the form of add-ons and apps. These utilities allow eCommerce businesses to facilitate their customers more efficiently in an enhanced manner and meet their specific requirements.

Marketing, customer support, supply-chain management, product & customer management, and many other domains in ecommerce management call for various operations and activities that can be handled with the use of these tools, improving experience both for the business and its customers. Furthermore, many of these tools provide automation that saves time and resources and prevents costly errors. 

Ecommerce platforms also come with great flexibility and capability of integration with other useful business applications. This is particularly useful in instances where you need to establish a unified business management system and ensure transparency and consistency of data across all business solutions. The integration capability also saves time by creating dependencies and automation between related operations in disparate business solutions that add to the overall automation of the business infrastructure and data synchronization. Such solutions are the foundation of managing many hybrid retail businesses. The x2xecommerce, an ecommerce solution provider, specializing in providing integration solutions in the domain of ERPs, POS, and eCommerce platforms offers many such integration solutions, an example being the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify Integration solution.

In the diverse world of varying business requirements, a solution should seek to be a comprehensive one. However, with so many businesses it’s not possible to cater to each demand for each business completely by any solution but the provision for it can indeed make it a comprehensive tool. Ecommerce platforms allow the developer to create custom-made apps and add-ons tailored to the specific needs of the business ensuring that no business requirement remains unattended.


In the eCommerce world, the choices for options are many, but the right choices in each situation are few. Thus, you need to analyze your requirements carefully and then choose which suits you best. While the eCommerce platform holds great advantages in many domains, it’s not right to say that it’s the best choice for selling online. The question of best is very much dependent on the nature and needs of the business itself. The purpose of this article is to only highlight some advantages of ecommerce platforms which may not necessarily be true, applicable to, or align with the opinions of others. Therefore, in search of selecting the best online selling platform for your needs, you need to conduct thorough research and analyze your requirements; the size, budget, and nature of each business differ, and this could affect what’s better for you.

If you’re looking to establish an eCommerce platform, x2xecommerce can help you establish an ecommerce store and integrate it with your existing business solution. Reach out to the x2x team for any query or a free demo.



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