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What kind of businesses can benefit most from ecommerce

Do you know that established businesses experience growth of about 28% by going online? But that’s just an average; some businesses grow more than others by tapping into the online market. While the fruitful results of the ecommerce transition are apparent in every industry, some industries can benefit more than others by leveraging it due to their characteristics. In fact, these business sectors must establish an online presence to remain atop in competition; for them turning a blind eye toward ecommerce platforms can even be detrimental. Let’s see which type of industries can benefit most from the emerging ecommerce market.

Grocery Stores:

We all avoid frequent, dreadful visits to grocery stores; long checkout lines, navigating through the aisles searching for products, and busy schedules discourage us too often. Moreover, it is inconvenient for many people to visit due to health conditions, especially old aged people. However, one cannot simply stop buying groceries. Here the online presence of grocery stores is in much demand. Digital grocery stores offer customers various convenient options in the comfort of their homes, such as free & instant delivery, duplicating order facility, easy navigation, and much more. Therefore, by establishing an online store, a grocery business can attract people reluctant to visit physical stores and capture more share in the market, increasing its revenue.

Personal care services:

Personal care services can too benefit from ecommerce businesses such as saloons and spas. For example, customers can see which appointment slots are available and make the appointment online rather than calling the customer service representative and inquiring. This much more seamless process reduces the workload for business while at the same time also offering greater convenience for the customers. Furthermore, with online appointments, these service providers can reduce their no-show, a term used to describe a scenario when customers don’t visit after making an appointment, and empty slot rate by allowing the customers to make pre-payments against discounts.

Start-ups/small businesses:

Startups and small businesses have things in common; both have limited resource and seeks growth. This contradiction calls for an innovative approach like having an ecommerce store. To grow any business, ensuring it reaches a larger market size is essential; in short, one needs to serve more areas to expand their business. Developing more stores and investing in a distribution network is investment intensive and infeasible for businesses of this nature. However, they can reach customers anywhere with online stores and marketing. Therefore, an ecommerce store proves to be a crucial tool for such business expansion.


There isn’t any sector in the business realm that cannot benefit from ecommerce. But the businesses mentioned above, and similar businesses, will have a more pronounced effect by transiting into the ecommerce world than others. Here, having an ecommerce store is demanded by the business nature and dynamics itself; one who lags in its implementation would face customer attrition owing to people moving toward their competitors. Therefore, such businesses must establish online stores to facilitate customers and enhance their business to remain competitive.

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