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Meeting Consumer Expectations


Meeting Consumer Expectations – The cornerstone of successful eCommerce Strategy

Since the world-wide web was introduced the way people have navigated their day has changed significantly. The business world was not left untouched by the information superhighway. The convenience of making purchases online was recognized as a new avenue that have been quite profitable for those who have taken the time to understand how to use the business tool referred to as the internet.

Understanding the Consumer

In this new age of technology, it has become increasing important to for businesses to keep their finger on the pulse of their consumers wants, needs, and expectations. So, what are consumers looking for? They answer is simple; ease of access.

Before the advent of the internet, a physical store site location was key factor. Usually, the preferred store site is it in a high traffic area where perspective consumers could easily see it and walk in or in other words, ease of access.

Applying this same rule to your eCommerce site is also necessary. Ease of access is the first key in operating a successful eCommerce business. The internet has overloaded the consumer with so much information, it can become quite overwhelming.

The consumer wants to be able to connect to your site with minimal effort on their part. As a society, we have become spoiled with the speed of information at our fingertips, patience is not necessarily a virtue when it comes to the internet. Creating a web presence that consumers can easily find and connect to has become essential to the viability of storefronts, it’s the only way to increase the traffic to your site.

The Future of eCommerce is Mobile

It’s challenging to walk down any street and find someone who is not paying avid attention to their mobile device. Mobile devices have enabled us to have access to the internet anytime we want, while riding on the bus, during work breaks or lunch, while waiting to cross the street, virtually anytime we want we can surf the net to find whatever it is we are looking for.

The world is mobile, to manage a successful eCommerce site it must also be mobile friendly. Responsive sites show your customers that you understand their needs, and are more than capable of meeting them. For those businesses paying attention to the increased use of mobile devices by the masses, it became increasingly clear that creating a responsive website was necessary to stay ahead of their competition.

Mobile eCommerce through X2X eCommerce for Dynamics GP

X2X eCommerce facilitates the organizations to take the benefit of mobile eCommerce in two ways:

  1. All the themes and layout used by x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP are responsive themes

x2x eCommerce also provide mobile apps for Android and IOS that allows customers to place the orders using their phone which goes straight in Dynamics GP.

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