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Innovative product search method in ecommerce

Innovation is both the foundation and needs for progressing human lifestyle. Without it, we can’t achieve efficiency, need for which is driven by our ever-becoming complicated lives. The more efficient we are, the more results we’ll produce with the least effort, and in terms of business, more profit will be generated, we’ll achieve more environmental sustainability, and generate a better customer experience. While ecommerce is itself one such innovation, there have been numerous innovations within this field those have made impressive changes since its earlier days – the ecommerce experience these days is much different from what was at the start of this century. This article focuses on a few innovations we’ve witnessed regarding product search functionality online.

Product Image search

We have seen many technologies spurred up in recent years, and one of them is computer vision. This technology has provided us with many applications, product image search being one of them. Product image search, as its name suggest enables users to search for products using images or camera on their devices. This innovative search technique makes the product search experience more seamless for the customer, improving their experience.

  • Users can instantly search for products using their phone camera without the needing to type in a search query into the search bar. This makes the product search process easier for users, is more intuitive, and saves time for them.

  • It lets users search for unknown products that they don’t know much about. For example, if customers see a specific smartwatch but don’t know its model, name, or any other details, they can search for it using its picture.

  • It eliminates the technical barriers for many users who otherwise find it difficult to navigate online searching for their desired products.

Voice Search

Another way that has complemented the product search & discoverability method is the voice search functionality. The advancement in the natural language processing has made this technology possible, and as we progress, it steps into more domains of our lives; we can speak to our phone asking to update us about the weather or navigate us to a spoken address. Similarly, now we can search for product details and even ask our smart devices to add certain products to our online cart instantly.

  • It instantly gives relevant information about products in the most intuitive fashion.

  • It is more user-friendly for people unfamiliar with using and navigating traditional ecommerce and online interfaces.

  • It saves time for people when they can add things to their online cart just with their voice without using a device.

Smart Chatbots

Smart Chatbots are also gaining much popularity across the eCommerce landscape these days. They allow the customer to chat with a bot and ask for recommendations for products & services. The utilization of Smart Chatbots presents a great opportunity for ecommerce stores to improve customer experience.

  • Customers can type the characteristics, such as features and product specs they want and the chatbot will recommend the product based on that. Instead of looking among numerous products and matching them with their requirement, this feature will help the customer find their product much more instantly.

  • Since these chatbots can process natural languages, they can ask the customers the purpose of buying and then suggest what kind of product would be best for their use case scenarios. This will increase their confidence in what they’re purchasing.


With progress, we experience innovations improving our lives in every domain – the advent of new search methods in eCommerce is no different. These added search capabilities have enabled us to find products seamlessly, improving customer experience and integrating ecommerce into our lives.

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