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How x2x Turnkey RMH-Woo Integrated eCommerce Unleashes Open-Source Power

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In the retail industry, you need to adapt with time. Aiming to meet growing customer demands businesses need solutions to grow and innovate. Introducing x2x RMH-Woo All-in-one integration solution that provides a powerful combination of open-source capabilities with retail management.

Understanding open source

Open-source software is a collection of effort by a community of developers who share their code freely for anyone to use and edit, contributing to each other. Such an approach has shown its effectiveness in the world of technology and now making waves in the retail world as well.

Why open source matters for retailers

Flexibility and customization

Retailers gain great flexibility with the RMH All-in-one eCommerce integration solution. They can align their store such that it matches their brand, modify its functionality, and change as per changing demands.

Cost-effective solution

Traditional software can be a burden both in terms of finance and their rigidity. On the other hand, open-source software can be more cost-effective since it offers more flexibility allowing the retailers to put their resources and efforts where they matter the most.

Community-driven innovation

The beauty of open-source software is the collaboration of multiple people. Developers, designers, and the business owner put together their efforts to enhance the platform regularly. This results in cutting-edge software development with innovation.

x2x RMH Woo ecommerce: A winning combination 


Retail Management Hero is designed for all types of retailers. This point-of-sales system is designed to manage and streamline various retail operations such as managing inventory, customers, and products.


WooCommerce is one of the popular ecommerce platforms in use today that is user-friendly and supported by a large community. 

Key benefits 

Unified experience 

Get the ultimate unified experience by integrating your physical and retail domains. Consequently, customers will enjoy a consistent experience irrespective of where they shop – online or at the physical store. With real-time inventory updates, you also will prevent inventory stockouts and customer dissatisfaction.

Effortless integration 

The x2x RMH-Woo All-in-One integration solution seamlessly syncs item info, prices, and inventory automatically. This eliminates all the manual efforts and reduces errors increasing efficiency.

Agile decision-making

What comes with real-time updates is the capability to make better and more informed decisions. You can monitor sales and other important data and adjust your strategies accordingly to make on-time decisions. 

Some example use cases

Small boutique

A small boutique using the x2x RMH-Woo All-in-One integration solution to expand its operation to the online domain. With the implementation of this solution, their sales will grow extensively.

Mid-Sized chain

A mid-sized retail chain using the solution to sync its various store locations with its online store offering customers the facility to shop online and pick up from their nearest store.


The open-source nature of WooCommerce empowers retailers to thrive. With this integration solution implemented, you can utilize its open-source nature and step into the platform of innovation, creativity, and flexibility.

The x2xeCommerce being an expert in providing integration solutions for many years has a list of integration solutions. An example of another integration solution by the x2x-eCommerce includes the x2x GP-Shopify integration solution. Reach out to x2x for any query or a free demo.



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