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Digital Commerce Platform – Why WooCommerce is chosen by mid-market retailers today?

The digital commerce solutions have grown to a state due to enhanced vendor choices, feature offerings, service offerings and attractive pricing models.

Above all, why the mid-market retailers choose WooCommerce today? Find out by reading our blog:

Strategic Planning

It is predicted that by 2020,

  1. The smart personalized engines will be used for recognizing consumer intent that will enhance business profits to 15%.

  2. 50 percent of the web stores will list or sell products via core commerce websites

  3. 25 percent of top online sellers will have first generation powered e-commerce capabilities.

  4. Seems like 10 percent of the companies following digital commerce will grow to a business platform that transforms into digital businesses.

  5. Consequently, 60 percent of companies will use open ecosystems for scaling the growth.

The Market Definition

Let’s take the case of Gartner. Certainly, their view of digital commerce environment is based on transformation technology or delivering on the users’ future needs. It isn’t focused on today’s market.

As a result, Gartner’s view of the digital commerce market is focused on transformation technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today. In contrast, Gartner defines digital commerce market as buying and selling of goods & services with the help of digitization technology, which results in the value transactions to customer.

The features of digital commerce solutions are:

  1. Shopping Carts

  2. Pricing, merchandising and promotion management

  3. Country specific storefronts (Like Amazon)

  4. SEO/Digital Marketing features using mapping and tagging.

  5. Fully functional search features for inventory in the webstore.

That’s not all, solutions with integration capabilities also play a great role for their webstores and ERP suites. The core back-office requirements, distribution channels as well as customer facing apps are successfully integrated using solutions like x2x eCommerce.

Most of the e-commerce platforms have similar functionalities (not identical though). For instance, various platforms provides support for business to business sales, digital goods but not all solutions follow the same set of functionalities for these features. The digital commerce solutions help in supporting the seller and buyer relationships. It could be B2C or B2B customers. In some cases, it also support continual buying via automation features like auto replenishment or subscription based services.

Furthermore, the digital commerce capabilities found in platforms are for:

  1. Offering simplified purchasing process.

  2. Anticipating consumer’s needs.

  3. Personalized consumer experience complying respect and privacy.

Why WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best customizable product for growing your online business for Free. Yes, you read that right; it’s free and powered by WordPress. Woocommerce powers over 28 percent of the webstores across the world (Stats from Builtwith). It has support teams across the world and if you have purchased plugins to enhance your webstore capabilities, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are looking to customize your webstore, first have a sneak peek at the WooCommerce extensions.

WooCommerce platform offers extendable, open-sourced and adaptable interface. They will be able to build a webstore as per your desire. There are over 350 contributors for WooCommerce where you can join one of the fastest growing open-sourced communities on the web. Why not use the platform you are already familiar with (WordPress) and upgrade to WooCommerce to build your webstore? Sounds like a great plan, right?

Why x2x eCommerce

You can always start a webstore by choosing a top-notch e-commerce platform for your business. But, what if your business grows rapidly? Hiring several employees won’t be a better solution. x2x eCommerce is the one-stop suite to manage Retail and eCommerce stores. Available in various integration variants such as Retail Management Hero, Microsoft Retail Management Solution and Microsoft Dynamics GP etc., x2x eCommerce helps you to:

  1. Download orders; and upload items, prices, quantities, and catalog.

  2. Similarly, sell on eBay, Jet and other marketplaces.

  3. Multi-device compatible.

  4. Warehouse Management System compatible.

  5. Custom eCommerce app for iPhone/Android

Above all, you can start selling right away using top-notch e-commerce suites. Likewise, let your retail solution manage and keep your e-commerce store updated at all times.

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