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Intuitive webstore with x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce

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In the competition of the e-Commerce world, the design of your webstore holds great significance. The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated eCommerce offers a great package that brings a visually appealing and functional webstore making the shopping experience great for your experience 

Choose from 25 Pre-Designed Themes

Every business is unique and different. The x2x offers a great variety of 25 themes allowing you to develop a webstore that aligns with your aesthetics. Moreover, you can bring your own theme as well. This provides a unique look to your eCommerce store and enhances the customer's shopping experience.

Mobile-friendly design with x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce

Nowadays a large proportion of online shoppers use mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce ensures that your customers have a consistent experience across all devices irrespective of where they’re shopping: on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. With such a responsive webstore you can attract more customers and increase your sales.

Custom CMS Pages

To establish your presence you need to build a brand and this can be done with a brand story and relevant information engaging your customers and building their trust. The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce provides the facility of creating custom CMS pages. Thus, retailers can add pages featuring the story of their brand, contact information, and other important pages such as FAQs. This allows you to connect with your audience in ways that you and they want.

Easy Customer Account Creation

One way of retaining customers is to offer the ability to create accounts for customers. The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce makes it seamless for customer to register their accounts which enhances your retention rate by encouraging customer loyalty and providing them a more seamless experience that comes with customer accounts. 

Free Stock Images and Logo Integration

Visual content is important for online stores. The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce provides you with free stock images allowing you to make your webstore more attractive for free. Furthermore, you can integrate your own logo for free as well ensuring that your brand image is maintained at all your selling channels.

Revision Cycles to Achieve Your Vision

The x2x realizes that any creative endeavor can require multiple revisions. That’s why the x2x offers retailers to have their site go through multiple revisions so that they can ensure it aligns with their needs and the experience they want to provide to their customers. These iterations ensure that all the requirements of the retailers are met and the final site is in shape that meets the expectations.


The x2x Turnkey RMH Integrated Ecommerce offers a comprehensive package for creating a user-friendly and intuitive webstore. With these and other features you can enhance your webstore experience by making the shopping experience more seamless and bring success to your business with a more functional and customer-centric eCommerce store.

The x2xeCommerce being an expert in providing eCommerce solutions also provides integration solutions in other domains. An example of another solution by the x2x includes The x2x BC-Magento Integration solution. If you’ve any queries or want a free demo reach out to the x2x eCommerce team.



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