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Characteristics of good ecommerce store

What makes an ecommerce store stand out from others? The answer to this question tells a lot about what matters for the success of an ecommerce store. Despite offering great products, many sellers strive to secure the desired sales; here, they need to learn what characteristics make an ecommerce store attractive & user-friendly and implement it. In addition to good quality products, customers' buying experience plays a significant part in their satisfaction levels; this comes from having a seamless sales funnel involving various ways the customer interacts with your webstore. Let's see what are some characteristics that makes an ecommerce store good.

Seamless navigation

Easier to find products are also easy to sell. However, since you cannot physically browse through products in an ecommerce environment, you need to structure your webstore for seamless navigation; good ecommerce sites give special consideration to the navigation experience of their visitors. An ecommerce store with the following characteristics offers a good navigation experience.

  1. Products are arranged in a proper hierarchy making it easier to navigate & find them.

  2. They have appropriate font selection & size, making the text legible.

  3. Use a good hosting server for faster loading times.

  4. Use internal links where necessary to allow customers instantly access different website sections.

  5. Use a well-designed, structured menu that divides your site into different elements.

  6. Use search functionality and proper tags/labels on products to improve search results.

Easy checkout process

Many customers abandon their carts during the checkout process. Therefore, like product navigation on your webstore, the checkout process should offer a frictionless experience. Features that make the checkout experience good includes

  1. Guest checkout: Many one-time buyers don’t want to create an account and give unnecessary details; this adds friction to the buying journey. However, offering a guest checkout option enables users to checkout without an account and need to sign in, making the process seamless..

  2. Multiple payment & shipment options: A good webstore caters to all types of people, offering various payment & shipment options. Additionally, some websites provides flexible payment methods such as installments or buy now pay later option.

  3. Order summary: A clear & concise breakdown of payment provides customers with a sense of control and awareness of where their money get spent in the buying process.

Good Customer support

Customers often encounter multiple questions as they move through the sales funnel; these questions not correctly addressed can become what is known as “sales friction” – customers' objection to buying. However, with proper customer support, you can prevent it. Successful ecommerce stores incorporate the following features to provide support to their visitors.

  1. Offer live support channels: They offer live support channels such as chat and support helpline where customers can get answers to their queries instantly.

  2. Include FAQs: They include a page on their website that answers the most commonly asked question to clear customers of any doubt about the buying process.

  3. Informative content: They provide informative content on the webstore, like the instructional video of products, manuals, and other material that convey crucial information about their products and company.

  4. Ticket & support management: They assign customers a ticket number pertaining to their issue; customers can track their request using this ticket number. Additionally, it helps the management to track, prioritize and manage customers' requests for efficient management of the customer support system.


This competitive world of ecommerce drives the need to remain aware of the best ecommerce practices. While every domain of ecommerce business needs learning to improve and keep updated, the areas mentioned above can significantly elevate your webstore performance. The x2x team, an expert in providing ecommerce solutions for many years, can set up an ecommerce store for you as well; and if you use multiple business solution for your management needs, integrate them with your webstore. Reach out to the x2x team for a free demo or any queries you have.



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