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2019 Must-Have features for your eCommerce Webstore – Part 3

Finally, here’s our last part of the blog series on 2019 Must-Have features for your eCommerce Webstore. I’m sure you enjoyed reading our previous blogs and hope you have gained confidence to position your webstore for the coming year.

If you haven’t read our previous parts, certainly click on the below links:

Looks like there isn’t a perfect time to kick start your webstore business. Is there a specific reason? Maybe, but it is the idea that turns your webstore to success.

Here’s the last set of features you would consider implementing for your eCommerce business.

Customer Management


  1. Searching and sorting features to find customers easily

  2. Viewing customer information and previous purchase details consequently

  3. Easily manage customer accounts

  4. Adding private comments to a customer also

  5. Deleting customer accounts for the reason that they have violated any terms or inactivity

  6. Resetting login passwords of the customer due to loss of password

  7. Easy export of customer information to Microsoft Excel

  8. Viewing customer product reviews

Order Management


  1. Searching and sorting of orders easily with specific values

  2. Consequently managing and updating order statuses

  3. Viewing order and purchase information such as tax, shipping, products, addresses etc.

  4. Viewing billing address maps

  5. Creating and managing custom order status messages consequently

  6. Receiving emails when the order is placed

  7. Availability of exporting orders to Microsoft Excel

Promotion Management

Promo Codes

  1. Creating discount codes

  2. Manage discount codes in contrast with categories, products or brands

  3. Similarly, add discount codes for shipping

  4. Changing discount code status to active and inactive state

  5. Flexibility of changing percentage offer or amount offer

  6. Automatically apply discount codes when a user adds a product to the shopping cart

  7. Set up start date and expiry of discount codes

  8. Also, set up maximum number of discount codes

  9. Availing the code a number of times before becoming inactive automatically


Dashboard View

  1. Interactive dashboard populated with statistics and bar diagrams

  2. Ability for users to change dashboard data in contrast to date ranges

  3. Similarly, dashboards may include store sales by amount, sales order volumes, new customers vs. returning customers, top purchased products, top selling brands, most used discount codes etc.

  4. Dashboards should also contact low inventory reports, available products in warehouse/store, total categories available in store, number of customers, lifetime orders and total revenue

Single Report

Likewise, a single report comprises of sales by date range, low inventory with respect to quantity, top selling products with respect to date range, new acquired customers based on the date filter etc.

SEO Management


  1. Easy to manage dynamic title tag format throughout the webstore

  2. Configuring the dynamic title and META tags for categories, sub-categories, brand and product pages

Specific Title & Meta Information

  1. Configure webstore wide default title and META tags consequently

  2. Configuring the webstore main page and META tags

  3. Furthermore, set up unique title, META tags and URL data for desired content pages, brand, category or product pages

Webstore Settings

Shipping Information

  1. Setting shipping rates based on distance, shipping provider, zone and weight

  2. Specific pricing or percentage of order

  3. Live shipping rates based on shipping location utilizing logistics providers

  4. Setting and managing shipping promo codes or discount codes

  5. Ability to set free shipping on individual items

  6. Activate and deactivate logistics carriers


  1. Activate and deactivating payment types

  2. Managing authorized payment account settings

  3. Manage PayPal account settings

  4. Allowing Cash on Delivery options

Locations and Tax Details

  1. Managing delivery locations

  2. Manage tax rates for each states by percentage (For e.g. in North America, taxes apply for US States or Canadian provinces)

  3. Activate or deactivate ZIP Codes


  1. Ability to setup email servers and store email addresses

  2. The fields will include server port, server name, usernames, passwords etc.

Administrator Access

  1. Adding or deleting admin logins with username, email and password.

Well, that is it from us! Wishing you a wonderful 2019 and may your business flourish with customers and revenue!



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