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Supercharge your retail business with x2x RMH All-in-One eCommerce!

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In the modern world of competitive business environments, you need to offer customers a robust and user-friendly eCommerce platform to ensure success and business growth. The x2xeCommerce All-in-One RMH-eCommerce enables you to achieve that by integrating your Retail Management Hero (RMH) with an eCommerce store streamlining your operations, improving the customer experience, and boosting sales. 

What is x2x All-in-One RMH-eCommerce? 

The x2x All-in-One RMH-eCommerce solution is a comprehensive solution designed to help retail businesses establish their webstore & manage their online retail operations using the RMH. With this All-in-One RMH-eCommerce solution, businesses can achieve a unified business management system by integrating their traditional RMH POS system with their eCommerce platform. This streamlines their operations and boosts sales. It includes

A responsive storefront

Get your customized webstore built from scratch as per your requirements with the following features:

  • SEO optimization 

  • Omni-Channel fulfillment 

  • Corporate branding

  • Customization and personalized themed 

  • Shipping and payment processing modules

Seamless RMH integration

Achieve unified management with RMH integration: update and manage inventory, prices, product information & catalog, and manage web orders in RMH.

Benefits of x2x All-in-One RMH-eCommerce 

The All-in-One RMH-eCommerce integration offers various benefits aimed at enhancing business productivity and customer experience 

Increased sales

Customer loves convenience. The x2xeCommerce ensures a well-designed webstore that provides easy navigation & product searching capabilities, complete product information, and a secure check-out process. 

Improved customer experience

With its integration capabilities x2xeCommerce enables you to enhance customer experience by providing them with multiple delivery methods through omnichannel experience: they can choose to pick in-store or have it delivered to their doorstep. Furthermore, you can provide customers with real-time inventory updates and order tracking information with inventory synchronization made possible by x2xeCommerce integration services.

Streamlined operation

Say goodbye to manual data entry and enhance your accuracy, save time and resources. With more available resources you can utilize them for other demanding tasks and increase your productivity.

Key Features of x2x Ecommerce 

The x2xeComerce offers several features that are essential to a successful webstore.

Responsive storefront

The eCommerce store is compatible with mobile devices to ensure convenience for all users, irrespective of the device they’re using.

SEO-optimized Storefront

Bring more organic traffic to your eCommerce store with SEO optimization and have it rank higher on the search engines. The x2xeCommerce ensures your webstore has essential SEO features.

Omnichannel Fulfilment

Manage your orders and inventory on all sales channels with integration.

Branding & customization

Have your eCommerce store designed to align with your brand identity and provide your customer with a consistent brand theme across all sales channels with eCommerce customization.

Integrated payment & shipment processing

Eliminate customers’ concerns with fast & secure payment processing engine and shipment updates. Ensure your webstore offers all popular payment methods.

Seamless RMH integration

Keep your RMH and eCommerce platform in sync and achieve data consistency across both platforms without the need for any human intervention.

Flexible Pricing Options 

We acknowledge every business has a budget. That’s why we come with three different pricing options so you can choose what suits you best.


For growing businesses. This package offers essential features you need to get started.


This package is for scaling businesses, offering added customization features and marketing tools.


This is for enterprises looking for a competitive edge with advanced features and support.

Why Choose x2x All-in-One RMH-eCommerce? 

Expectations don’t hold but they rise with time. The x2xeCommerce All-in-One RMH-eCommerce solution gives you more than an eCommerce store by helping you realize a unified management system that allows you to meet the rising expectations of modern customers. With this solution implemented, you’ll gain a competitive edge by enhancing your business productivity with streamlined operations and improved customer satisfaction leading to increased profitability.


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