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Product management using x2x BC & Magento integration

No doubt, products are the fundamental entity of a retail business. Therefore, they must properly maintain their product data for optimal business management. However, data maintenance and product management often call for multiple business solutions. Here the x2x Business Central and Magento Integration solution product management functionalities are helpful. Without an effective integrated solution, your resources & time are always subject to mismanagement and waste. The x2x solutions let you conveniently and efficiently manage Magento products from the Business Central environment enabling you to automate many tasks and achieve efficiency. Let’s see which product management features the x2x BC & Magento solution offers.

x2x product mapping & syncing

The primary purpose of the integration is to exchange data between the solutions, and data field mapping and syncing are crucial here. The x2x BC & Magento integration solution let’s you map the relevant product data fields between the two platforms. The solutions facilitate the syncing between the product entities using these data fields.

Creating simple items

The x2x integration solution enables a connected management system allowing you to create and manage Magento items directly from Business Central. The product is created by defining the product entities in Business Central’s item card. Furthermore, the integration solutions provide an additional section in the item card that contains ecommerce fields pertaining to product info.

Creating Parent/child items

Besides simple items, the x2x Business Central & Magento integration allows the creation of parent/child items. As a flexible and comprehensive solution, you can define parent items using either parent item card utility or in bulk using an Excel sheet. Similarly, you can assign child items to parent items through an item card, parent item card, or in bulk using an Excel sheet. To learn more about Parent/child item creation functionality in x2x Business Central & Magento Integration, please refer to this article on creating Parent/child items in x2x BC & Magento.

Uploading items:

The solution presents various options for uploading items to the Magento store. You can upload items in different ways.

  1. In bulk by uploading items created after a select date & time

  2. Through an item card

  3. Automatically through a scheduler

Additionally, the solutions provide the feasibility to update and upload the prices & quantity separately as they change, either in bulk or using an item card. Since these entities often vary, this feature saves updation time by eliminating the need to upload unnecessary product data each time.

Benefits of managing products using x2x BC & Magento integration

The interoperability achieved by the integration solution provides numerous benefits to business management by making the processes more optimized and seamless.

  1. Save time & resources with the ability to input product data simultaneously using a single platform.

  2. Eliminate errors and data inconsistencies between the platforms

  3. Ensure you never miss data transfers and updates with automatic process initializations using the scheduler.


The complex nature of business management needs multiple solutions. In such a scenario, integration between them is a must. The x2xecommerce BC & Magento integration solution lets you manage your Magento products seamlessly using Business Central in flexible ways enabling you to optimize your operations.

Reach out to the x2x team for any queries or free demo. The x2x team can implement a similar solution for your needs as well.



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