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In a business, the core element that stands as the backbone is the customers. A business cannot continue to exist as they drive revenue. The customers are always right. Not only that they are right, but they are nourished with options. So, it is always significant to engage customers well. So as you run an eCommerce firm, you must host your eCommerce website on a separate platform and use an ERP to manage your operations. However, customer engagement is just as significant as their integration process happening.

The companies may establish inventory control, increase efficiency, and deliver items to clients more quickly with the use of an ERP integration. Through accurate lead, opportunity, and quote tracking, a contemporary system also promotes better customer communication.

Enhancing internal business processes enables businesses to save expenses through improved productivity and efficiency. We now know that enhancing business operations contributes to enhancing customer service. Many businesses are deploying ERP integration with both their customers' needs and corporate operations in mind.

Some of the ways that the ERP integration is helping for better customer engagement are the following

Availability of Updated Information

No overselling & underselling will take place because of the updated information on both platforms. As a result, Customers will never end up frustrated with the unavailability of products after an order has been placed.

Order Fulfillment Process Fasten

With the instant availability of eCommerce orders in an ERP, the warehouse team has an ample amount of time to plan and synchronize the order fulfillment process. It reduces delays in shipment and the customer receives the order on time which increases customer retention.

Accurate eCommerce Order Information in ERP

With integration, the exact eCommerce order will be created in an ERP hence reducing the chance of a change of information. So, no wrong product will be delivered to the customer which reduces Sales Return and increases customer trust.

Better Supply & Demand ACHIEVEMENT

With current Sales data availability in an ERP better demand & supply planning can be achieved without delays. It also helps in coming up with better marketing strategies to target the right customers for the right product with respect to demographics.

Enhancing Consumer experience

Customers benefit from the modernization and streamlining of backend business processes. Because they have a comprehensive perspective of the client, including all customer history, businesses with contemporary ERP may enhance customer service and offer greater help. With the help of this data, the company can automate any discounts for loyal clients and provide priority to the top customers. Accurate order monitoring and automatic shipment notifications are also made possible, thanks to integration.


One should understand that with an enormous interest in the engagement of customers, the business turns into an oriented and structured form. This helps the customers to have easy accessibility to their certain interests. Knowing all that a customer wants, and engaging them accordingly will help the business to enlarge its scope through ERP Integration.

You can reach out to the x2xecommerce team for demo purposes. We're always ready to discuss your requirement and implement solutions that suit your requirements.


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