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Benefits of categorizing Ecommerce store

What makes an eCommerce store good? You guessed it right! There is no one answer. However, no one can deny that a good product catalog is surely one of them. Often times eCommerce stores end up losing customers because their products aren’t discoverable enough, and as an eCommerce store owner no one wants this. Having great products to offer is not all, but rather you should also organize them neatly for greater visibility and discoverability. With good product categorization, you can aim for greater revenue and improve the customer's experience. No doubt that a proper production categorization brings great benefits to your eCommerce store.

Ensure customer finds your products:

You might list your product up for a sell but if the customers can’t find it easily you would never make good sales. One study suggests that 75% of online visitors leave the website within 15 when they don’t find the intended product.

  • With proper categories and tags, customers will always find the items in the catalog where they expect them.

  • With proper categories and tags, your searches on your webstore will return accurate results improving search results.

  • Categorizing improve cross-selling and up-selling since similar items are grouped together. For e.g, if a customer is looking for caps they might buy more than one if they see a page full of various options.

Improve the usability of your site:

Usability plays a significant role in your website’s success. With products properly categorized customers can easily navigate through your webstore without being lost and confused. Categorizing the products in a proper fashion allows you to arrange them in a proper hierarchy; this means customers can quickly jump to categories and subcategories. This will improve customer satisfaction by providing them with a seamless shopping experience.

Improve Search Engine Optimization of your store:

When it comes to SEO ranking the structure of your website is very important. When your products are categorized, each category will have its own page. This way you can use relevant SEO keywords on the page, page title, and URLs of each category. Consequently, your webstore becomes more SEO friendly and its SEO ranking improves. Furthermore, this allows for faster crawling and indexing of your web pages. As a result, your website becomes more visible to the audience on search engines generating more traffic to your webstore.

Improve monitoring of your webstore:

With each category having its own page you can monitor and track the number of visitors each page is getting. Therefore, you can measure which categories are getting more sales and visitors allowing you to make smart decisions and make any relevant changes required to improve your eCommerce store and the customer experience.

Operational efficiency:

Product categorization is not just good for the customer itself but also for the operation team as well. When your products are organized in categories it is easier to manage your product and access their information easily and efficiently. Consequently, with quick access to data teams can perform tasks quickly and answer customer queries in a faster fashion.


A good eCommerce store demands an intuitive user-friendly experience. With product categorization, you can offer your customers a seamless experience with zero resistance toward their purchase. Furthermore, it’ll empower your team to carry out their operations in an efficient manner.

Experienced in providing business solutions, particularly integrations between ERPs/POS and eCommerce platforms, the x2x eCommerce solutions come with great functionalities and features. One such feature is the capability to categorize and manage your webstore products directly from your ERP/POS terminals. This syncing of categories eliminates any duplication and saves time & resources. Furthermore, you can create item categories directly from your ERP/POS software with all the relevant information and upload it on your eCommerce site.

x2x eCommerce is always ready to help you with a solution that meets your demands and expectation. Feel free to contact the team anytime to discuss your needs or have a free product demo. The x2x team provides a complete solution cycle from initially discussing your requirements to implementing solutions for you and beyond, giving post-implementation customer support.



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