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Salient features of x2x integration products

What makes a business solution good for you? The short answer is its capability to serve your purpose efficiently. For this reason, one must carefully understand what each solution offers in terms of features when making a decision about which business tool to use. If chosen wrongly, you may end up losing money, or even worse, lose the efficiency of your operations. That’s why as an expert in providing integrated solutions to eCommerce businesses, we want our customers to know about our products and their features so when they implement our products they’re confident with what they’re doing.

Salient features of x2x integration products:

X2xecommerce has vast experience in providing integrated solutions to businesses, particularly those in the eCommerce industry. Whether your use POS, ERP, accounting software, or eCommerce platforms to run your business operation, x2xecommerce provides great integrated solutions between all kinds of business softwares. With these integrated solutions you can ensure that all your business tools are automatically synced and parallel to each other, streamlining your operations in an efficient manner. Let’s look at some of the salient features of x2x integration products.

Weborder processing:

Weborder processing allows for centralized management of your business operation by allowing downloading of webstore orders into your ERP or POS platforms and processing them. Once they’ve been processed, you can upload the order fulfillment back to your webstore updating the order status and shipment accordingly. This allows for faster order processing through the management of all orders from a single point and updating it on other platforms automatically, eliminating any need to re-enter the same data on two disparate platforms, and also reducing errors.

Synced inventory:

Online stores run 24/7 which means any product bought on webstore should be updated immediately on other platforms for accurate data representation. Furthermore, if you’ve multiple selling approaches, such as selling online and at a physical location simultaneously, then any item sold at a physical store should account for inventory deduction on your webstore. Otherwise, you can end up overselling. This is where the inventory syncing feature, offered by x2xecommerce solutions comes to play. With the x2xecommerce solutions, you can ensure that your inventory levels are automatically synced between your ERP & eCommerce platforms, POS & eCommerce platforms, or ERP & POS platforms automatically.

Upload products:

If you use two different platforms to manage your data and perform operations, such as an ERP and eCommerce platform, then you can utilize the product upload features of our solutions. With this feature, you can directly upload your product with all its information to the eCommerce platform directly from ERP or POS platform, without the need to input the same information again on the eCommerce store. As a consequence, you save your time & resources and also avoid any data discrepancies that could occur due to the manual inputting of data.

Create and upload categories:

X2xecommerce solutions allow you to create product categories and sub-categories and upload them to your eCommerce platform.

Job scheduling:

With the scheduler, you can set intervals to perform the syncing operations at set time intervals automatically. However, if you still like to update data between the two platforms at any given time you can do that as well.

Bulk operations:

x2xecommerce realizes that eCommerce business deals with a lot of similar and repeated tasks. In view of that, its solutions incorporate bulk functionality allowing you to manage similar operations in one go. You can create and manage items, categories, assign pictures to items, and much more using excel sheets.


The integrated solutions offered by x2xecommerce come packed with great features that help you with centralized management of your webstore in an efficient manner. These solutions are not only versatile but also very flexible in nature allowing you to utilize them as per your requirements. With these solutions implemented for you, you can ensure a streamlined exchange and processing of data between your different business platforms, freeing up your resources and saving you time.

If you’re not sure which solution will work best for you, feel free to reach out for a free demo or any queries. Our team is always ready to help you select the best solution for your needs.



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