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How has the internet shaped customer behavior and dynamics

Nothing has impacted human life like technology. And in recent times, the internet's transition has been unmatched; it has demonstrated its penetration in every domain of life and shown us how it can enhance our lifestyles. Ecommerce, a segment of the internet world, is amongst the most prominent areas of the digital world that have tremendously changed the dynamics of how business is done. While it has changed the nature of business for both the customers and business owners, from a business perspective, we need to understand how it has changed the customer's behavior and dynamics.

Increased engagement

Customer engagement is crucial for selling, and ecommerce has provided many ways to facilitate this. The more customers engage with your webstore, the more they’ll buy it from you. Furthermore, engagement increases the retention rate of your business as the customer interacts with your business more often, and they develop their trust. Some ways in which ecommerce has increased engagement are:

  1. Customer interaction with business: Modern ecommerce stores facilitate customers with various communication tools such as chat support and emails. This ability to reach out to businesses and clear their queries before buying helps businesses lower buying resistance and improve sales by gaining customers' trust.

  2. Promote a sense of community: Ecommerce stores also serve as a means of enhancing interaction between the customers. They can read others' product reviews and see what's trending amongst other buyers. Furthermore, many sites incorporate forums where customers can have detailed discussions on various subjects regarding products. Consequently, when a customer sees other people interested in a product, their interest is enhanced.

  3. Increased visibility: Another way the Internet has increased customer engagement is through social media platforms. It enables business owners to reach a greater audience by marketing their webstore on these platforms and attracting them to their webstore. Also, as customers come across social media posts of businesses, they like, comment, and share them. Thus, the internet enables your business to reach many potential customers and make them interact with your business in just a few clicks, increasing your business interaction with customers.

Informed buying

The Internet has also given rise to awareness among customers. There’s tons of information available on the internet. Plus, ecommerce sites enrich their product pages with relevant information and tools that help customers make informed decisions. We can validate ourselves that it’s the internet that provides us with the latest updates in technology, be it a new product or the latest version of your favorite software.

  1. Ecommerce sites provide information, videos, images, and other informative material regarding products such as manuals and reviews.

  2. Social media and blog sites are always publishing the latest trends in technology and the latest products.

  3. Easy access to information on the internet has made it easier to learn how to use the latest technology and products.

All these factors significantly contribute to the increased knowledge of customers and the development of their interest & inclination toward shopping. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the internet has created an atmosphere of developing interest in customers through increased access to information.

Increased buying frequency

The increased convenience provided by ecommerce has given rise to buying frequency of the average person. The reason is simple; the buying journey presents us with many hurdles known as buying resistance. Ecommerce reduces, or even better, eliminates many of these barriers, eventually lowering the resistance to buying. Some of the reasons ecommerce eases buying and enables an increase in buying frequency:

  1. Many customers can’t visit physical stores due to busy lifestyles and other reasons. However, online shopping allows them to buy online and get it delivered.

  2. Internet platforms and social media sites enable direct response advertisements where customers can take immediate actions and buy products making the sales funnel more seamless.

  3. People can buy items from anywhere and not just what is locally available.


The advent of the internet has tremendously changed customers’ behavior. Therefore, businesses must ensure they align themselves with it and leverage it by going online where it suits them.

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