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Three ways where ecommerce significantly enhances sales process

The fast pace of our busy lives has left us with a limited attention span, decreasing even more with time – affecting us in every domain of life. The business world is no different; our time-constrained routine leaves us with little time to undertake tasks that accompany a sales process, often resulting in sales friction. Such transitions in life dynamics call for innovative approaches that streamline the sales process and overcome the hurdles for both the customers and the business. Ecommerce is one such tool that can aid businesses in enhancing their sales and making the process convenient. Many companies have witnessed tremendous growth by going online. Let’s see three ways ecommerce can significantly improve your sales process.


It is not uncommon to experience long lines outside stores whenever a desired product is launched. In such scenarios, excited customers are seen waiting in lines for hours before opening, yet many return empty-handed and, of course, with great disappointment. An ecommerce store enabling customers to pre-order new products can optimize this experience. With pre-order functionality

  1. Provide convenience: Make it easier for your customers to buy, without waiting in long lines, by allowing them to book their products in advance and deliver them once available.

  2. Meet the demand: Having more customers turned up than predicted at product launch results in understocking, affecting customers' experience. However, with pre-orders, you’ll know in advance how many products to sell or produce initially to meet market demands.

  3. Gain more initial sales: While many customers are excited and willing to stand in lines to get their hands on the new products, many find it inconvenient. For such customers, the option to pre-order online and have it delivered to their doors is a convincing facility, allowing you to capture more sales.

Scheduling pick-ups

Every customer deserves to be served with proper attention and protocols. However, at times of rush, when your store is packed with customers, the sales team can have difficulty adhering to each customer’s needs. Furthermore, you may not have the right stock to meet the demand at the given time.

You can resolve this issue with an ecommerce store by enabling customers to select the available pick-up slot or make an appointment in advance. This system improve your operations by

  1. Enhancing customers' experience by allowing you to give proper attention to each customer.

  2. Reducing the burden on your sales team by matching their serving capacity with customer inflow.

  3. Preventing understocking by arranging stock based on scheduled pick-ups and appointments.

  4. Meet personalized demands by planning, organizing, and creating a product or service in advance for a customer.

Swift order processing

Many order processes require information from customers before they can be processed. Requesting and inputting all the information at the point of sale is time-consuming and increases the wait for other customers, affecting their experience and increasing buying resistance. Also, many customers have queries when purchasing, which increases processing time – all this consumes your resources. However, with an ecommerce store, you can enable customers to provide relevant information online and get answers to their queries, streamlining your order-taking process and improving customer satisfaction. Some examples of where this approach can be utilized

  1. A gym can reduce the workload for reception by introducing online membership forms.

  2. An exhibition providing special discounts for students can verify student documents in advance, saving time rather than verifying them at the time of the event.

  3. An auto repair workshop can gather information about the car model and issue online, arrange parts in advance and provide appointments to customers.

These are just a few examples, and there can be many ways this approach can be implemented for various businesses.


Ecommerce has helped shape business in unprecedented ways, optimizing processes and increasing productivity; it can also improve order processing, which is a significant part of the customer journey, in ways that are beneficial both for the customer and business.

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