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Can WooCommerce Boost your Business?

WooCommerce is one of the fastest growing open source, customizable solution for an online store in the market. It is a very efficient ecommerce platform that can help you boost your online business to much higher levels. It is essential to understand the ways in which you can increase your sales using WooCommerce. In order to help you with that we are going to discuss about a few marketing strategies to attract more customers and improve sales.

Discount Coupons

Providing discounts either in the form of coupons or normal discounts will be helpful to bring in more conversions. This strategy is considered to be a win-win situation for both the customer and the business owner. WooCommerce has various options like bulk discounts, percentage discounts, bundle discounts, price discounts, and product discounts that can be utilised for this purpose. You can even use the popup plugins available for WooCommerce to increase the visibility of the discounts and coupons through popups. There are also plugins for discounts like the ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce’ and ‘WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing’ that will set optimum discount rates for the products.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Wouldn’t it be great if the online store suggests related items to the ones that the customer is looking to purchase? WooCommerce has a built-in feature that does this by upselling and cross-selling to your customers so that they add more items to their cart and the store ultimately gains more revenue. The upsell feature recommends products that are similar to the product being purchased but also better than it. This will lead the customer to spend more than they had thought to spend. The concept of cross-sell is to convince the customer to buy accessories or other products that complement the product being purchased. This list of items might remind your customer of some accessory that he requires, thus making him purchase it.

Flash Sales

There are many customers who rush over when they hear about a flash sale. Many new customers will also come and check out your store to find any products to their liking. Flash sales are a very popular mode of promotion which are often used by online stores during any festivities or holidays. A state of urgency is being created by the store by showing the rapid decrease in the no. of stocks and days or hours left in the sale. In such a situation, people usually buy products that they don’t even need just because it is being sold at a very cheap rate.

Gift Cards

Most of the online stores nowadays make use of gift cards that can be redeemed during checkout. It has become a trend among many customers and stores. The gift cards can be redeemed either by the purchaser or as the name suggests it can be gifted to someone else and can be redeemed by them. There many plugins available in WooCommerce for giving gift cards such as ‘YITH WooCommerce gift cards’ and ‘Gift Press – WooCommerce Gift Cards’. This is certainly a strategy that will get you more sales.

Points & Rewards

You can offer points or rewards to your customers for each purchase they make. These points and rewards serve as an incentive and encourages more customers to visit your store and make purchases. Points on referrals is also a good strategy as many more people will sign up in your store. There are many plugins for this purpose also.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Customers often abandon their carts due to various reasons. What if they had thought to come back at a later time, but actually forgot to do so? In order to avoid such a situation, you can send out an email to the customer and remind them of the abandoned cart. This might also help the customer and will definitely help the store too. You must ensure that the emails are not boring and you should also send follow up mails to grab the customer’s attention. You can make the email more attractive and appealing by mentioning a discount.

Personalized Newsletters

We often receive newsletters from various companies, but most of them don’t tailor it according to their customer or receiver. Companies, especially online stores must customize the newsletter according to the customer by utilising the information about their purchase history and such. When they receive articles about stuff they are really interested in then they will be more engaged and might visit your store more often. And as always, you should also add in some offers and discounts in the newsletter to tempt the customer.

Social Proofing

A phenomenon wherein people have a tendency to take the same course of action as that of the others around them is know as social proof. The customer is more encouraged to buy the product because many other customers have bought the product and had a great experience. A common way to generate social proof is by posting customer testimonials in your website. They are genuine reviews by the customers who have used the product before. This will help create trust towards your store in new visitors. You can collect these testimonials by sending out survey forms or customers can directly write their reviews on a certain product under it.

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