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How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

This tutorial goes through the basic stages of setting up a Shopify store. You’ll get familiar with signup, design, adding products, adding a domain name, and setting up the payment mechanism.

Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up is easy, just head to and enter your email address.

Step 2: Name Your Store

Most probably you’ve already decided on one. Make sure it’s unique and relates to your products.

Step 3: Add Address

Shopify calculates your sales tax and payments based on your location.

Step 4: Design Your Store

You’re greeted with a simple dashboard after signing up, where you can start designing your store.

Step 5: Choose The Perfect Theme

Shopify provides over 100 design templates. You can tweak the layouts, colors, and images at a later stage.

Step 6: Tweak The Theme

You are free to improvise the look and feel of your store. You can keep on altering the layout and design, but for now, let’s add some products.

Step 7: Add Products

Go back to your dashboard and click on ‘add a product’.

Step 8: Enter Product Name And Description

It is essential to have a unique product description to drive sales and rank better in search engines. Be careful while choosing your words so that your product stands out.

Step 9: Upload Product Images

Great photos convince customers to buy from you. Images can make or break sales, so choose them carefully.

Step 10: Set Your Price And Inventory

Enter the product price and tick the ‘charge taxes’ box so that Shopify can automatically add the correct sales tax of your location.

Enter an ‘SKU’ (stock-keeping unit) for each product. Change the ‘inventory policy’ to ‘Shopify tracks this product’s inventory’ and enter the no. of products available.

Step 11. Enter Product Weight

Shopify estimates the shipping charge based on the customer’s location and product weight. Unless you have a huge logistics and fulfillment team performing the delivery, select ‘manual’ fulfillment.

Step 12: Add Variants For Size, Colour, Etc.

If your product comes in different variants, like a t-shirt in different sizes, Shopify will handle this for you. Just mention the sizes, colors, or fabrics available for each product.

By clicking ‘publish’ the product is added to your store. Repeat this process for each product.

Step 13: Create A Domain Name

A custom domain name makes your store look professional. Shopify makes it easy, just click on ‘set up a custom domain’.

Step 14: Buy Your Domain Through Shopify

If you don’t own a domain name, Shopify shows available options and you can buy it right then and there. If you already have a domain name, then you can also add that.

Step 15: Add Payment Mechanism

Navigate to Settings > Payments and choose your preferred method. You can either choose ‘Shopify Payments’ or any other ‘alternative payments’ like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

You’re Done!

Finally, hit the ‘publish’ button and your store is ready to go live. Of course, this is only a basic introduction to Shopify. Getting your store online is just the tip of the iceberg.

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