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ERP System Integration with Your Web Store

As a matter of fact, eCommerce ERP system integration need tends to be often overlooked. Due to the cost or the potential disruption caused by bringing about a change in the existing systems. However, for the positive results that are offered by ERP integration, the cost is an aspect that is to be considered as an investment when you see the positive impact on your operations and customer experience.

With the recent advents in technology and change in the way customers prefer shopping online. eCommerce business retailers are required to implement new strategies. Customers now look for quick processes, from shopping to delivering. Which makes it important for eCommerce businesses to provide efficiency and satisfaction to the customers.

Integrating your web store with an ERP system allows for your eCommerce business to operate more efficiently. As you can keep track of data like Orders, Inventory, Items, Customers and Shipping, making communication convenient between your web store and ERP system with efficiency.

ERP System Integration for ecommerce web store

eCommerce Business and ERP System

For reducing inefficient workflows of your business, ERP software integration is deemed critical. As it can help to centralize data and information. For any business to be successful, it is vital to have your inventory not only managed but easily accessible. As employees can take help from real-time information, in turn providing customers accordingly.

Employing an ERP solution can help you streamline and integrate operation processes on your web store. By synergizing resources shared between employees, whether it is material, finances, or machinery. To be precise, ERP system can integrate the required data and process it into a unified system. Integration is now considered important as it affects the relationship between the ERP system and the vendor system.

Moving on, now that we understand how ERP integration can prove to be helpful and how it works. Let us examine some of the essential benefits associated with ERP system integration.

Increased Productivity

One of the most substantial benefits of having an ERP system is the increase in productivity. With the decrease in manual data entry, you will be able to see dramatic progress in order processing and order fulfilment with data flowing through an automated process. Your employees can focus on more integral tasks that require human input, in turn increasing your productivity.

Improved Order and Inventory Management

Your eCommerce business will be less prone to making mistakes with a fully integrated system. You can take the guesswork out of data entry with your online solutions and communicate your web store with the ERP. While propagating it to your online solution, which will allow you visibility across the board between your representative and customers.

Centralized Data

Moreover, with data being accessible from any location, it can significantly improve your workflows. It can facilitate your business processes by reducing the number of times employees wait for people from a different department to provide them with critical information to complete the tasks they have. For example, to check for product availability, your sales team will not have to contact the warehousing department each time an order is received.

Reduction in Human Error

ERP system integration can increase the amount of automation that occurs along with business workflows. There is an opportunity to reduce human error. Typos and emails sent to the wrong client can negatively impact your business, so automation is a huge benefit. The amount of human error that occurs every day is incredible. Therefore, a reduction in this rate could give your company a competitive edge.

Workflow Visualization

Having access to the visualization of tasks or workflows taking place in your business go well with data centralization. Integration with a tool like inventory management software can help employees see what their peers are working on. In case of wanting to access data of the inventory, employees can easily acquire information from the ERP system without having to depend on other employees or departments.

Do you want to see how our ERP system integration works? Call us today at 888-929-3266 or sign up for a 1-hour FREE demo with our experts and learn more about how to make your eCommerce business successful.

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