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Five strategies to enhance customer satisfaction at your ecommerce store

Companies that provide good customer experience outperform their peers by 80%. But how do you provide a good customer experience? That is the question! In this competitive world of eCommerce companies are always on the verge of losing their customers to the competition. Therefore, companies' foremost priority must be to ensure a good customer experience, something that matters most to the customers, and eventually to the business itself. In fact, customers are willing to pay more if they get a good experience. Plus, good customer experience promotes loyalty and referrals & recommendations to others; generating more revenues for your store. Some ways in which you can improve the customers' satisfaction:

Reducing the order fulfillment time:

Order processing time can have a significant effect on customers’ experience. When buying at physical stores people receive their product almost immediately; this may not be possible in an online scenario, but the customer still expects the shortest possible time. Therefore it is imperative that eCommerce companies should focus on improving the efficiency of their back-end operations to reduce fulfillment time and offer faster shipping options.

Use product recommendation:

Every customer is different; their likes and dislikes vary. As a business owner, you must take special considerations to ensure customers in your eCommerce store sees what they like. Otherwise, it becomes frustrating to see irrelevant products appearing on the screen diverting the customer’s attention from what they’re actually looking for. To improve customer experience use product recommendations based on browsing, buying patterns, and demographics to display products that customers might be interested in purchasing.

Improve the navigating experience for your customers:

Imagine walking into a physical retail store and finding no directions or labels for aisles. Similarly, if your online store lack structure it would be confounding for your customer to navigate your website. On this note, it’s always a good idea to organize your store in an intuitive manner that promotes a user-friendly approach. To improve the navigation of your webstore:

  1. Arrange your products in a proper category hierarchy so that it is easy for customers to navigate and discover your products.

  2. Use font style and size so that your text is legible.

  3. Use a good hosting server for your website so that loading times are faster.

  4. Use internal links where necessary to allow customers to jump to different sections of the website easily.

  5. Use a well-designed, structured menu that divides your site into different elements.

  6. Use search functionality and proper tags/labels on products to improve your search results.

Offer discount to loyal customers:

Customer retention can be a big source of revenue for your business. Your loyal customers already know and trust your business, and compared to others, they offer little resistance to buying your products. You must ensure they remain satisfied and buy back from you by sending them personalized emails and offering special discounts. Everyone loves discounts and feeling special. This way you’ll ensure your loyal customers remain satisfied through the realization that you care about them.

Ensure you provide information about your products:

Customer wants to know what they’re buying. Without accurate and enough information about your products you risk appearing unprofessional and losing customers. To ensure your site is informative:

  1. Add FAQs section to your site.

  2. Ensure that the stock quantity is accurate on your site.

  3. Add descriptions and features about your products.

  4. Include relevant pictures.

  5. Provide tax and shipping calculators.

  6. Add live chat and contact us section.


Customers are the backbone of the success of any company. If customers aren’t satisfied with your product or services it will cease to exist. Therefore, businesses must always be seeking ways to promote customer satisfaction and improve their ratings.

The x2xecommerce presents numerous solutions that can help eCommerce businesses improve customer experience. With ERP-Ecommerce integrated solutions provided by x2xecommerce, you can streamline the order fulfillment process by processing them using ERP, upload product information and pictures to your eCommerce platform from your ERP, set up discount prices, and a lot more. Furthermore, our team can set up an eCommerce store for you as well, on your preferred platform. Feel free to reach out to us for a free demo or any questions that you might have.



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