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x2x eCommerce presents: GP Magento Integration

You've decided to integrate Magento, one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms, in your company to maintain your competitive edge and improve your customers' overall pleasure. Magento provides its users with a range of tools that can be used to customize the appearance and functioning of their online business. Magento is well-known for having a variety of configuration choices, strong SEO skills, and the capacity to expand along with the expansion of your online company.

You need to connect Magento with your MS Dynamics GP system, which organizes and records the information related to your finances and supply chain if you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing operations and decrease the number of mistakes that occur. For instance, you want the establishment of a new client in Great Plains (GP) to be triggered whenever a new sales order is placed on your online shopping platform.

By linking the two platforms, you will have insight into your customers' product choices and purchasing habits, resulting in a more excellent knowledge of your client base. Because the systems will be in sync with one another, there will be less need for manual input, which will, in turn, lessen the likelihood of errors caused by humans.

New capabilities are added to Dynamics GP with the x2x GP Magento connection, which makes the software more compatible with Magento eCommerce. Consequently, the robust integration solution provided by x2x unleashes the full potential of both Dynamics GP and Magento to offer a reliable and adaptable solution to the end user.

The interface between x2x Magento and Dynamics GP functions as an add-on eCommerce module for Dynamics GP. The solution may be configured using user-defined parameters, and the interface is simple. Additionally, Integration is developed with the various business situations in mind, and the presented solutions are tailored to those circumstances. Consequently, automate processes while maintaining the appropriate degree of flexibility and simplicity of use.

The following are some of the benefits of integrating Dynamics GP with Magento:

  • Synchronization that is transparent between the two platforms.

  • The integration needs just a basic level of training to be completed.

  • Make sure you do not make mistakes that may cost you a lot of money due to poor data input.

  • Our integration solution will help you cut down on deployment times.

  • You may add connections at any time and in any place.

  • Make more time and resources available to you so that you may concentrate on your clients and the expansion of your organization.

  • Elimination of mistakes that occurred during order processing.

Integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP might be essential for your company. It may assist you in modernizing and automating your procedures so that you do not need to depend on manually entering data. The issue that has to be answered is what strategy you will use to link all of your systems. However, if you have the proper vision, technology, and partner, you can choose the most suitable strategy for your company.

The x2x GP Magento connection comes with a number of features and advantages, some of which are listed above. There is a great deal more to investigate, such as setting up a schedule, uploading numerous product photos, developing categories and collections, and a great deal more. Please visit our website at, send us an email at, or give us a call at +18889293266 for any more information on our goods and services.


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