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Reasons to Choose x2x eCommerce for Business Central & Shopify Integration

The successful takeover of the retail world by Shopify reduces the obstacles to launching an e-store and optimizes the gains with their powerful platform. With the ease of setting up a store and the availability of different add-ons, Shopify is one of the most embraced options of an eCommerce store these days. More and more businesses are opting for Shopify to mark their eCommerce presence and looking for options to integrate it with their ERP.

Why x2x for BC Shopify Integration?

Business Central & Shopify Integration by x2x-eCommerce is a powerful solution to achieve swift data flow between an online store and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our Integration is a built-in module and gives the flexibility to set up things according to the business requirement. Automation of key business functionalities is possible which makes processes faster and smoother.

Key areas covered by our integration are:

1. Product/Items:

Create Business Central items on Shopify store with convenience and in less amount of time. Transfer Item information like attributes, category, price, inventory, description, etc. associated with an item in real-time, and it becomes available as it is on the web-store.

2. Parent/Child Relation of Items:

Our integration introduced an option to create products in a similar format as required by an eCommerce store. The option of creating a parent item in Business Central is also an attractive feature for clients. Don’t need to perform the dual tasks as all the variants can be attached to the main item in Business Central and taken to the store seamlessly.

3. Inventory & Price:

Manage stock updates and inventory levels to Shopify from Business Central. Inventory quantities can be uploaded/updated to the Shopify store automatically. Moreover, when the downloaded order is processed in Business Central, inventory count is updated accordingly thus reducing any data discrepancy which is the most important aspect for any business.

Similarly, the price update process from Business Central to Shopify store can be automated to eradicate the possibility of human error.

4. Order Management:

Import Shopify orders effortlessly in Business Central. They can easily be processed in Business Central by downloading them through provided functionality and then they are posted in a similar fashion as any normal order created/posted in Business Central. Order modification, order cancelation, and refund handling capabilities make our integration more market compatible and valuable.

Shipment/fulfillment can be updated to the Shopify store as soon as order processing completes in Business Central, hence making order processing faster and hassle-free.

5. Customer Management:

Our bi-directional customer integration allows having Business Central customers on Shopify and Shopify customers into Business Central as per the requirement of the business.

These are the main features that we are offering. Our team works consistently to make the integration experience for our clients as smooth and lucrative as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Your next level of business is just a step away.

Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist our customers in deciding on an eCommerce solution that works best for them. Please visit x2x eCommerce, email us at, or call us at 877 927 2927 and get your Free Demo now.

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