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7 Benefits of eCommerce and ERP integration

The benefits of integrating your well-designed e-commerce website and ERP system can be divided into two categories:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – it is a fact that satisfied customers come back to visit us again and again.

  • Increased control and reduced operational costs – resulting in greater efficiency and higher profitability of your business.

A) Increased customer satisfaction

1) Increased trust and credibility:

When a customer orders an item, only to be told that it is out of stock, or a B2B customer gets one price from your representative and another price from the website, the result is frustration all round. If customers know that the information on your site is always accurate, it generates trust and they will be more willing to do business with you.

2) Access to up-to-date information 24/7:

With your ERP system feeding directly into your e-commerce site, your customers always – even over weekends or at midnight – have access to real-time data. Customers can check live inventory levels and see the exact status of their order and shipments at any point in time.

3) Self-reliant and empowered customers:

There is no need to call up a representative or a customer care centre when customers have all the information they need at their fingertips. In the case of B2B customers, they have access to tailored data, including their specific prices, account overview and history, etc. This leaves you and your sales team free to deal with customers who are in need of assistance or to explore other opportunities for growth.

B) Increased control and reduced operational costs

4) Automating manual processes:

When pricing, inventory levels and product data are automatically maintained and updated, human errors like duplication, and double data entry are minimised, if not eliminated, saving you time and money.

5) Faster and more productive order fulfilment:

Sales orders are directly transferred from your e-commerce store to your ERP system. This automation also helps in minimising errors and saves time and effort. The order fulfilment cycle starts immediately, which dramatically speeds up your turnaround time.

6) Cost-effective inventory management:

Inventory levels are instantly updated in the ERP like online sales. Therefore, you can plan the restocking much more accurately. You’ll know which products are selling, and how much to order to minimise back orders or to avoid out of stock situations, reducing both admin and loss of revenue.

7) Accuracy all-round leads to greater insight:

When the data flow between your systems is accurate, your sales personnel can confidently sell what they see on the system. Your financial reporting also becomes more accurate, automatically including both your e-commerce sales and ordering data. This improves your overall insight into your business processes and allows you to manage it much more closely and accurately.

There are many benefits of ERP integration with your e-commerce store as discussed above. To get the most from it, be sure to select an expert on the business process implications you need to consider, and can guide you through them. Then you’ll never have to look back.

If you’re still wondering whether ERP integration is good for you, contact us to chat through the process. We’re experts in integrating with many ERP systems across both B2C and B2B software.



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