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7 Tips to Boost Magento Store Sales

Even though Magento is an exceptional content management solution for eCommerce, a considerate amount of effort has to be made to increase the overall sales of your online store. There are plenty of built-in features and functions and extensions available to help create a highly interactive Magento web store with ease. Here are 7 tips to boost your Magento web store sales and take your business to higher levels.

1. Speed Up Your Store

The speed of your site is vital in determining the accessibility, usability, and visibility of your online store. As a matter of fact, Google prefers websites that load within 2-3 seconds instead of those that take time to load. You can compress the images, Javascript, and CSS files, and also optimize the codes to make your site run faster. Fortunately, there are a bunch of optimization extensions for Magento such as Page Speed Extension, Speed Optimization, etc. that can speed up your store.

2. Simplify the Checkout

If you seriously want to increase sales on your Magento store, you need to ensure that customers don’t abandon their carts during the checkout. The time-consuming checkout processes often lead to cart abandonment. You can easily avoid this by creating a simple, intuitive, and quick checkout process for your customers. Make sure that your checkout page contains only necessary components, like personal information, payment options, delivery options, and auto-filling fields along with security badges.

3. Offer Free Shipping

An essential part of an online store that leaves an impact on sales is product shipping. Try to give your customers free shipping whenever they buy something from your store, irrespective of the item purchased. A free shipping option encourages your customers to make more purchases, which in turn, will boost your sales and give you an edge over your competition. Actually, many customers add more items to their carts when they see the free shipping option.

4. Provide Multiple Payment Options

You can provide your customers with a safe, secure, and user-friendly shopping experience by offering them multiple modes of payment like PayPal, credit card, etc., which will also make it convenient for them to make the purchase. Certain countries might have some specific checkout and payment options, so to sell internationally, you will have to offer multiple payment options by making use of the best Magento extensions out there.

5. Send Newsletters

Send newsletters to encourage both existing as well as new customers to visit your web store and make a purchase. This will help you build a sense of camaraderie and trust among your customers. Sending across weekly or even monthly newsletters can be a way to promote your products and will give your customers a reason to purchase from your web store. Be sure to create beautiful, informative, and encouraging newsletters for your customers. This will help you convey your message in a much more effective way.

6. Make Your Store Mobile-Friendly

You must ensure that your web store is mobile-friendly. Mobile e-commerce not only improves your site’s rankings but also allows you to drive more customers who use mobile platforms towards your store. This implies that the larger the number of mobile customers, the higher the conversion rates; ultimately boosting your sales. If you don’t want to miss leads, be sure to create a responsive Magento store that runs smoothly on multiple devices.

7. Use Integrations

As in most cases, you might also be having an offline store, which means you must be using an ERP or POS system along with your Magento store. Have you ever thought of integrating these solutions for conveniently managing them? This will also help in increasing your sales as data on your offline customers can be utilized to inform them about your online store. By performing integration, you can also keep a check on your central inventory and smoothly take orders.

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