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Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics GP: A scalable and robust integration

Shopify integration with GP is a valuable addition to a business as it fastens operations. With x2x-eCommerce out-of-the-box ERP-eCommerce integration data can be processed easily. The automation enhances operational efficiency and the quality of the client experience, allowing you to expand your company.

Features of the Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

1. Order Management

Reduce order aging and boost revenue by automating the order sync between Shopify e-commerce and Dynamics GP.

2. Inventory Management

You can avoid overselling and underselling by keeping all of your stock in one place (your ERP system) and simply updating all of your online sales channels.

3. Product Management

Provide consistent product information across channels by integrating your Shopify shop with the Dynamics GP ERP system. This will help you eliminate data inconsistencies and develop confidence with your customers.

4. Customer Management

Syncing customer data in both directions between Shopify and Dynamics GP allows you to provide an exceptional customer experience and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

5. Payment Integration

With automated invoice and payment information sync between the two systems, you can better manage cash flows and account receivables, become tax-ready, and keep track of invoices.

6. Shipment Integration

Automated order and shipping status updates may boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of the Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

1. Rise in Sales

Start selling across several channels by managing all of your products, stock, and orders in one place. This will help you increase sales with little additional work.

2. Better Operational Excellence

Because of the integration, time-consuming, inefficient manual tasks have been eliminated, which has increased productivity, decreased mistake rates, and reduced expenses.

3. Better Customer Experience

Give your customers access to real-time information on inventory, orders, shipping, bills, and more to boost satisfaction and retention.

4. Prepare your Business for the Future

Are you considering switching your enterprise resource planning system from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central? x2x e-commerce has you covered with a Shopify/Business Central integration solution.

Looking for more reasons and convincing patterns in favor of merging e-commerce and ERP systems.

Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist your customers in deciding on an e-commerce solution that works best for them. Please visit x2x eCommerce, email us at, or call us at 888 929 3266 to get your FREE DEMO.

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