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Managing multiple locations with x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify

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The nature of business and its structure vary from one business entity to another, as do their requirements. Any business solutions designed to meet business demands in any specific domain should consider this to serve a wide range of business needs. While some businesses are small, others operate multiple stores. The business solutions, thus, need to incorporate multi-store management features in their products. The x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution is a comprehensive solution designed to integrate your RMH and Shopify stores, offering integration between multiple stores and Shopify locations to achieve a more unified business management structure between your physical and online business as you grow your business into multiple locations.

Multiple locations mapping

If you’ve different Shopify locations, each associated with an actual physical store or a warehouse, you can map the RMH store for each location to its pertinent location on Shopify using the x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution. The solution allows you to connect your RMH Central to the Product Management Portal module of the solution where you can map your independent RMH stores with Shopify locations. Whenever the item data for a particular store is changed on the RMH store the integration solution will update the data for the same location on Shopify to which that store is connected.

Downloading orders

The order manager module of the x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify solution deals with order management operations as they are processed and updates the invoice, shipments, and inventory accordingly to Shopify. If you’ve multiple RMH stores installed on multiple environments Order Manager module can be implemented on each environment and linked to their respective store. Once an order is placed for a certain location this solution can then be configured to download orders from Shopify for that specific store location only and have it processed in RMH before uploading the fulfillment to Shopify. Such an implemented solution structure, therefore, ensures that orders are processed in their respective RMH store and inventory is deduced subsequently at the right location. Hence, with this system implemented you can manage online orders for different locations and ensure the inventory in each RMH store is accurate.

Managing multiple locations with x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify at the front end

The x2xecommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution being a comprehensive solution allows you to change item availability at locations according to the available inventory at their respective locations in RMH stores. If an item is out of stock at a certain location the solution settings allow hiding the inventory location so that the item doesn't appear as “sold out” when that location is selected by the user. Also, furthermore, if the items are out of stock at all the locations the solution allows you to mark the item as archived so that it doesn’t appear as sold out at any location. This allows the webstore management to offer a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience to their site visitors by showing them only items that are available. While this could also be done manually, the x2xecommrce solution makes this process automatic so you don’t have to track each of your products manually saving you precious time and resources.

An image showing interface of the solution.


Businesses are expanding both into multiple horizons and vertically within each as well. This means the need for business solutions that support such business expansion is crucial. The x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution lets you manage an hybrid multiple stores retail business environment by integrating multiple physical stores with corresponding online location allowing you to utilize each physical store as a fulfillment and inventory location for your ecommerce store.

The x2xecommerce provides integration solutions in many domains, one example of another solution by x2x is the x2xecommerce RMH-BC integration solution. Reach out to the team for any query or free demo.



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