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Test mode functionality in x2x RMH-Shopify

Are you sure your preferred business solution is comprehensive enough to meet business requirements? This question often occurs to business management people and should be; if a business solution is not comprehensive enough to consider business needs from various angles, you’ll find it incompatible and find yourself looking for solutions. Any business solution developer should realize that its users would be changing items info as the dynamics of their business change and therefore must include some sort of mechanism to verify those new changes in their working environment before they apply it to the whole system. This article talks about how the x2x RMH-Shopify test mode features fulfill such needs.

Why is test mode necessary?

No business remains the same, with time and scalability its dynamics and needs change. Being a comprehensive solution the x2x RMH-Shopify allows its user to configure their solution according to different business needs, such as changing sales prices or mapping them as per different needs. However, as mentioned changing business requirements calls for a different set of configurations which must be tested before those are applied to the actual system, which is a very crucial step. Without the new configurations tested before being applied to the system business risk affecting their vital business information which is not recommended; hence, the need for a test mode offered by the x2x RMH-Shopify solution. The test allows the user to test the new configuration on some specific item and verify its impact on the actual environment without having any changes to other items' info. Once the user is satisfied the user can apply the new configuration to all items.

The x2x RMH-Shopify test mode functionality

The test mode functionality is offered to customers on the Order Manager module, one of the two modules of x2x RMH-Shopify. The user can select the specific item to test using its item lookup code and enable the test mode. The mode of module operation is also displayed in the information bar below displaying time as well. After the test mode has been activated then the price & inventory only for the test item would get uploaded to Shopify.

What would happen if this functionality is missing

Testing your environment normally requires setting up a testing environment that requires time, expertise, and resources. Without this feature, you would be confronted with such a need to set up and maintain a test environment. Conversely, with this feature users can enable the test mode with a click and test the changes much more conveniently and quickly without the need for a test environment.


Testing your system is crucial for properly maintaining & running your system and also ensuring that the information on it is accurate and up-to-date. The testing mode feature in the x2x RMH-Shopify Order Manager module lets you test the syncing and mapping of price & inventory between the solutions before it’s applied to the whole data without setting up a test environment.

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