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x2x eCommerce presents: RMH BC Integration

The integration of Business Central & Retail Management will make it possible for you to send fresh sales data from the POS to your Business Central in a smooth and seamless manner. It will assist in avoiding the laborious process of manually entering your day-to-day sales data or preparing invoices, which take a significant amount of time. The time and resources that you have saved may be put to greater use in serving your clients.

You are able to provide that kind of knowledge to your sales staff by combining Business Central and RMH. Because of the connectivity, users can examine the information inside Business Central while they are working. To produce a sales quotation, for instance, it would be helpful to know whether or not you have sufficient inventory to fulfill the order. Refer to using Dynamics Business Central for further details and information.

The x2x Retail Management Hero Central – RMHC to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) Integration solution is a powerful and effective tool developed to integrate the RMH to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC to achieve seamless business processes. It was designed to incorporate the RMH into Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC to meet retailers’ needs.

The master data, including Items, Item Prices, Vendors, Customers, and other entities, are integrated into the x2x eCommerce Enterprise/Retail solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and RMH. The system not only combines business operations but also automates them. This connection works in both directions, meaning it can update sales and collection data and purchase and inventory transfer information. Reducing the amount of time people have to communicate with each other saves a substantial amount of time and effort and eliminates the possibility of human mistakes.

When two systems are integrated within a two-way fashion, like RMH to Dynamics BC, automation is achieved via streamlined workflows. At certain times, information about products, stock, buyers, and sellers is sent between the two databases. All RMH POS locations' sales, purchases, and stock counts are synced up with Dynamics BC without any manual intervention. The end result is that the linked retail locations run smoothly, and management can see how well those stores are doing thanks to the analytical data from Microsoft Business Central.


· The installation is quick and uncomplicated.

· It automates the most important business procedures.

· Reduces the amount of work and time required for operations

· Elimination of mistakes that occurred during order processing.

· Avoid making mistakes that may cost you much money due to poor data input.

· The integration solution is simple to use.

· Only a minimal amount of training is required for integration.

Looking for more reasons and convincing patterns to merge RMH with Microsoft Dynamic BC?

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