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Managing customers with x2x BC-Magento integration solution

Customers are imperative to the success of any business – no customers mean no business. Therefore, any business entity or process related to customers requires proper attention and management both from business and customer perspectives. However, if you’re utilizing multiple platforms to operate your business, managing customer data & processes can be daunting. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento Integration solution enables the synchronization of customers between the two platforms allowing you to manage Magento customers right from Business Central. Without integration, efficiency is lost, and you become prone to errors resulting in profit loss. Let’s see how you can manage Magento customers using Business Central with the x2x solution.

Customers’ prices

Businesses entertain all kinds of customers that differ in many aspects, including the prices they pay you. The x2xecommerce solution allows mapping Magento customer groups to BC customer price groups; this means that business management can set up advance pricing for their Magento Webstore directly from the Business Central environment.

Flexible options

When it comes to managing customers in the x2x solution, it offers various flexible options to suit different business requirements. Having these options allows the business management to enable or disable options and improve the solution efficiency by eliminating unnecessary processes. Some of the options that offer flexibility for customer management are:

Uploading customers: You can upload customers separately through their respective cards or in bulk using the bulk customer upload functionality; bulk uploading is particularly useful when you have multiple customers to upload, and saves time. Furthermore, you can upload customers as soon as they’re created, provided they’re enabled as web customers.

Create customers: You can select whether to create Magento customers not in Business Central as the orders are downloaded or associate those orders with a general customer in Business Central.

Create guest customers: Select whether to create customers logged in as guest customers in Magento.

Customer creation template: You can select the template that would be used for creating Magento customers in Business Central.

Posting groups

Corroborating the need of business accounting needs, the x2x solution allows defining the posting groups for Magento customers in Business Central; so their transactions are populated in the relevant accounts in the general ledger. Therefore, with transactions automatically recorded in the charts of accounts, the company’s bookkeeping workload is reduced, and chances of errors are eliminated, helping the accounting team manage their operations seamlessly and efficiently.

Resetting & deleting

If you want to delete the customers from Magento, you can do it from the customer's card. Also, the solution provides an option to reset Magento syncing information for a customer in case you want to reset customer detail between Magento and Business Central.


Designed keeping the architecture of both solutions in mind, the x2x Business Central & Magento integration solution is a comprehensive solution that caters to all aspects of managing your Magento store from Business Central, including customers, in a flexible manner.

The x2x team provides many other similar integration solutions like GP-Magento and can implement a configurable solution that suits your needs. For any query or a free demo, reach out to the x2x team.


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