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What makes x2xecommerce BC & Magento integration suitable for your integration needs

Going digital is not an option but a necessity for many businesses today–if they want to remain ahead of the competition. However, this comes with challenges; when operating a business in different environments or domains, you often need multiple solutions developed to manage each area specifically. But still, you need to have a homogeneous management system to manage your business operations efficiently. Here integration between solutions is a must. The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solution lets you efficiently manage your Magento store operations from Business Central by enabling data migration between the two. Let's see what makes x2x BC & Magento solution suitable for your business.


The diverse business environment has given rise to multiple management styles and methodologies. Therefore, how each business manages its operations can differ in many ways. For this reason, the x2xecommerce solution incorporates flexible options. This setting allows the user to enable features pertaining to their use case and select options for various functions per their needs. Such flexible nature of the solution provides convenience to the user and makes the solution efficient by eliminating redundant processes.


Growth is a function of time in the business world – or at least it is hoped for. However, with growth, the complexities of your business requirement increase as well. The x2xecommerce understands this. Therefore, it’s developed to accommodate businesses entailing large-scale operations.

  1. It’s a cloud-based solution which means you can expand your operations without worrying about the infrastructure.

  2. It allows for bulk operations to handle massive amounts of data.

  3. The integration solution is API based – meaning that changes can occur to each solution without interfering with the other solution allowing you to scale with minimum hindrance to your operations.


An integration solution cannot be suitable for you if it doesn’t conform to your needs. Therefore, the ability to customize solutions by consulting firms is crucial. The x2xecommerce team consists of experts that can understand your needs and tailor them to your requirements. The x2x team believes in cooperating with the client until they meet their requirements. The x2x team includes experienced developers and solution experts who understand the ecommerce industry. So, if you need customizations with BC & Magento integrations, contact the x2x team.

Easy to learn and use

The x2xecommerce Business Central & Magento integration solution got developed using the same language as Business Central. The solution acts as an add-on to Business Central, with all its options & features accessible from the Business Central environment. Utilizing the same environment & design framework, the solution is easy to learn and user-friendly. Hence, your employees need minimum training. Moreover, this makes the solution consistent with Business Central and makes the processes more efficient.


x2x Business Central & Magento integration is designed to work seamlessly for everyone, is easy to use and learn, and is also full of flexible & customizable options. With this solution implemented, you can ensure an integrated management system suited to your business.

x2xecommerce also offers other integration solutions for Magento such as Dynamics GP-Magento integration solution. If you have any queries or need a free demo, contact the x2x team. The team would be happy to discuss your requirements and implement a solution.



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