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Boost ROI with x2x RMH-SHOPIFY integration solution

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Every business aims to generate greater profits. However, some of the limitations of the business system restrict their growth further. Here they need to dive deep into an innovative and creative world to find new ways to enhance their productivity. For this reason, businesses strive to find new ways to increase their profits. When it comes to generating profits, there exist many different ways, either you can enter new markets, improve your product for more customer satisfaction, or enhance the efficiency of your business model and hence increase its profit by producing more from less input. This latter aspect is of great interest to businesses since sooner or later their business system asks them to implement methods that can produce more output from the same or even fewer resources being utilized. 

How do you increase your output? The answer lies in searching for advanced tools and business solutions that will increase the efficiency of the current business model. This article will discuss how one such business solution the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution helps hybrid retail businesses in this regard. By implementing this solution, therefore, a hybrid business utilizing these two solutions can achieve a good return on investment. 

What is the x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify Integration solution?

The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution is a business solution developed by x2xeCommerce with the objective of bridging the gap between Retail Management Hero and eCommerce platform Shopify to enable hybrid retail businesses to achieve a unified business management system for maximum efficiency. The solution allows the user to import product information, manage inventory, and handle web orders

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within RMH POS increasing the efficiency of business operations with automation and enhanced accuracy. Let’s see some of the ways implementing this solution will help the user achieve ROI.

Reduce manual labor

The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution automates many tasks that would have to be done manually otherwise which are not just time-consuming but would also consume a lot of human resources. With these operations automated your human resources will be free to focus on more demanding tasks and complete them much quicker. With those tasks completed in less time, your productivity will improve significantly allowing you to respond much more quickly to resource-intensive and other operations that require human intervention such as client dealing and creative endeavors. Consequently, by aligning your resources in a better way with relevant tasks your productivity will increase leading to increased profits.

Increased accuracy with x2x RMH-Shopify solution 

Accuracy of operations is critical for the proper functioning of your business. Errors and inaccuracies in the business world can be very costly and must be avoided at all costs. The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution helps the business reduce their errors and inconsistencies. In a retail setting, fewer errors mean fewer returns due to incorrect order fulfillment and greater customer satisfaction; both these result in saving costs. 

Furthermore, the autonomous nature solution means that the inventory, product information, and other relevant data are consistent and updated without any human intervention eliminating human errors in these domains. Consequently, with accurate data in these domains, your decision-making would improve with more accurate reporting and analytics, resulting in more profits and fewer losses. For example, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity due to an incorrect inventory level being displayed to a customer.

Faster order fulfillment 

With an integration solution, you can achieve faster order fulfillment increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing your order fulfillment capacity to cater to increased business demands allowing you to expand your business. With more satisfied customers and a larger customer base, you'll see increased sales revenue transiting to ROI.

Scale your business

Scaling your business to new heights is the goal of every business. However, it comes with its own challenges. As you expand your business you need more resources to manage extra load and orders. With the integration solution, most of your operations are automated allowing you to expand more with your current resources. Thus, as you implement the x2xeCommerce solution you’ll be able to expand easily and generate more profit with the same resources. Hence the ROI.

Competitive advantage

Another way of adopting an integration solution is a competitive advantage it gives your business putting you one step ahead of your competitors who aren’t utilizing these solutions and cannot provide their customers with benefits of utilizing integration solutions such as accurate & faster order fulfillment. This will allow you to capture a greater market share and increase your profitability contributing to ROI.

Save operating cost

Operating expenditure is another area of concern for businesses. Integration also saves the operating cost for the business by utilizing fewer resources for less time. This will allow you to achieve your cost-cutting goals resulting in ROI.


For any business, profit is not just about generating more sales revenue but the profit is the formula that includes your cost of doing business and the sales revenue generated. This means that you can increase your profit in two ways: by cutting the cost of doing business and generating more revenue. The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify integration solution lets you achieve ROI in both these ways. With this solution implemented your expenditure will reduce owing to automation and less reliance on human resources for mundane tasks and your profitability will increase with the added benefits it brings with increased customer satisfaction resulting from your enhanced capability to serve customers in better ways. 

If you’re looking for this or any other integration solution then the x2xeCommerce can help you. An example of another integration solution by the x2xeCommerce includes the x2xeCommerce RMH-BC integration solution. Reach out to the x2xeCommerce team for any query or a free demo. The team at x2x would be more than happy to help you realize a more efficient business management solution.



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