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The x2x RMH-Shopify Integration Solution: A customizable solution

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Business needs and the ability to meet them is one of the crucial aspects of business management that needs to be properly given its due time and consideration. In a world of complexity, that is so extensive every busing comes with its requirements, and this is a well-understood thing. What needs attention is what is being done to meet the varying nature of disparate business requirements; one single solution cannot cater to each type of business no matter how carefully it takes into consideration the diverse needs of any industry. The answer then lies in the flexibility of these solutions and their developers in developing them into a framework that is adaptable to align with varying customer needs and requirements. This article will discuss the customizable solution by x2xeCommerce called The x2x RMH-Shopify Integration Solution. 

What is the x2x RMH-Shopify integration solution?

The x2x RMH-Shopify is one of the many integration solutions offered by x2xeCommerce in the domain of POS, Ecommerce, and ERP domain. The solution works as a bridge between the Shopify and RMH platforms for businesses utilizing the two solutions allowing them to manage their hybrid retail business. Being a comprehensive solution, the x2x RMH-Shopify Integration solution enables the user to import their product information, including inventory and prices from RMH to Shopify and handle Shopify web orders in RMH POS, helping them achieve a unified business management solution for their hybrid retail business.

The solution comes in two modules, the Product Management Portal and the Order Manager responsible for syncing product information and web orders management and processing in RMH, respectively. If you want to learn more about this solution then you can follow this link.

Why does the integration solution need customization?

Since integration is a complex process that involves the syncing of data between two disparate platforms it requires careful analysis of your integration and syncing requirements and then configuring the integration solution to align with those. Any unnecessary or wrong data mapping or configurations could result in data misrepresentation on both of your platforms which you don’t want. Furthermore, since in the digital world, many data variables form dependencies on each other any redundant data transfer could result in an undesirable process. Also, sometimes you want your platforms to behave automatically and perform desired operations given certain criteria which of course in this diverse world of business dynamics could be very different. 

While it’s still true that many features of the integration solution could be demanded equally by multiple businesses in light of the aforementioned differing business processes and integration needs the need to fulfill the unique business requirement demands customization as a crucial part of the offering.

x2xeCommerce facilitating customization

The x2xeCommerce RMH-Shopify Integration Solution being a fully in-house build integration solution by expert developers at the x2x is fully customizable to meet the requirements of customers. The team of experts at x2xeCommerce understands the workings of both the RMH and Shopify platforms enabling them to understand your requirements and tailor the solution accordingly. The x2x solution is capable of customization in many areas, some of which include:


The data mapping capability of the solution is enriched with multiple features covering vast data fields of both the solutions but still if your requirements call for the need to incorporate additional aspects of your Shopify webstore to be mapped with RMH, then the x2x team can facilitate your mapping requirement accordingly.


If you need to perform certain tasks and operations automatically, given certain scenarios, then the customization can help you with it. This type of customization can help you enhance your productivity by automating your processes, ensuring a more updated system, and preventing any inconsistencies in data.


The addition of multiple stores adds much more complexity to the management of a hybrid retail business. While the x2x RMH-Shopify Integration solution handles multi-store integrations, the team at x2x is capable of catering to complex individual integration needs introduced by a multi-store configuration with its customization expertise.

A screenshot of the interface of the solution.


No doubt that the world of ecommerce is getting more complex with the passing of time and the exact needs of each business in this industry could differ significantly. Such needs can’t be met without the proper tools and resources at hand. The x2x RMH-Shopify Integration solution is one such tool that is fully customizable to adhere to varying customer needs. Furthermore, the customization capabilities of this solution give it its adaptability to conform to changing business needs which means the user doesn’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete in the future. 

The x2xintegration being an expert in providing eCommerce solutions can help you set up a hybrid retail business and integrate with your existing business solution. If you’re looking to go hybrid or have customizable integration needs then the x2xeCommerce can help you meet your requirements. Reach out to the x2xeCommerce for any query or free demo.



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