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WooCommerce: The Best BigCommerce Alternative for Your Business

While you're beginning, picking a platform for your online-based store can appear to be overpowering. Also, regardless of whether you've been running an eCommerce store for a really long time, you may be contemplating whether you settled on the ideal decision. In this blog, we will analyze WooCommerce and BigCommerce, and show you why we think that WooCommerce is the best BigCommerce alternative.

The Advantages of WooCommerce over BigCommerce

WooCommerce is more reasonable

Base cost

WooCommerce is a free, open-source program. You will, be that as it may, need to buy a hosting package - which stores your records and makes them available to people who visit your site. Contingent upon your decision, the hosting will cost you about $120 per year.

BigCommerce is a paid, closed-source eCommerce software. Their packages start at $30 each month and increment up to $299 every month or more relying upon the size of your business. The more deals you make and the greater usefulness you need, the more you pay. They do, nonetheless, incorporate hosting in their packages, however, you'll in any case have to buy a domain name.


There is an assortment of top-notch WooCommerce themes that are totally free. For more specialty designs and progressed usefulness, there are additionally many premium topics accessible from the WooCommerce marketplace and third-party dealers. Premium themes are available from $20 to $100 per year.

BigCommerce has a substantially more restricted library of free and paid subjects and there are some accessible on third-party destinations too. Premium themes with greater usefulness and industry-explicit designs, in any case, ordinarily start at $150 and can cost up to $300.

Extra capabilities

WooCommerce gets you going with all the core usefulness you want at no expense. In contrast, the greater usefulness you'd like from BigCommerce, the higher-layered package you'll have to buy. The greatest distinction here is that you can modify WooCommerce to meet your requirements.

Pay for your definite necessities, or don't pay anything at all! However, with BigCommerce, you might have to redesign your arrangement and pay for a lot of additional functionalities that are not ideal for your store just to get an additional tool.

Scale more with WooCommerce

With WooCommerce, you can upgrade hosting plans, change to another supplier, add extra capabilities for load adjusting and speed, consolidate your own CDN, or even buy a committed hosting plan only for your store. However, since BigCommerce incorporates hosting, you can't switch suppliers or settle on choices out of their platform. You can update plans, yet you'll likewise be paying for additional capabilities you may not require for your store.

BigCommerce additionally restricts the quantity of deals you can make every year inside the package you pick. When you surpass that cutoff, you'll have to update. Along these lines, as you develop, you wind up paying more each month regardless of whether you really want any extra usefulness or tools. With WooCommerce, you can develop as extensive as you need free of charge, with limitless deals, clients, and items.

Gain adaptability and control with WooCommerce

Payment gateways

Both BigCommerce and WooCommerce offer comparative integrations with significant payment suppliers - like PayPal - alongside worldwide choices and digital wallets - like Apple Pay. WooCommerce Payments is a free gateway that permits you to oversee charges, deposits, and repeating income inside your WordPress dashboard.

There's no compelling reason to sign into an outsider gateway. Additionally, you can profit from instant payments, so your cash appears in your bank balance within a few minutes. All you really need to consider are the expenses of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction - the standard fee for most payments.


To back up your BigCommerce site, you would have to utilize a paid tool, which scales in cost in light of the quantity of orders you receive each month. Furthermore, it just backs up a portion of your website data: items, surveys, order data, clients, pages, blog entries, and so on. It is basically impossible for you to back up, so assuming anything at any point happened to your information, you'd be totally dependent on BigCommerce to reestablish it.

In any case, with WooCommerce, there is an assortment of free backup tools that save without question, everything on your site, from orders and items to your information storage and WordPress records. Assuming you need much more capabilities, Jetpack backup is an incredible choice, as well. Pricing is totally unsurprising; you pay for the usefulness you want, not the quantity of deals you make.

Search engine optimization

BigCommerce offers the capacity to alter search engine optimization information like page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. Nonetheless, with WooCommerce, you have full command over each part of your search engine optimization. Utilize a module or alter site code to alter SEO information, set schema markup, make redirects, tweak your robots.txt document, and that's just the beginning.

The greatest advantage, however, is through the spotlight that WordPress puts on content. Reliable, great substance is a basic part of web optimization since it shows Google that you're the master in your industry.

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